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TH Violet Flame Beginner’s Guide – How to Use the Violet Flame

The violet flame is the greatest spiritual superweapon that mankind has seen so far. But what is it and how can you invoke it? Why is it such a big deal?

Have you heard about the violet flame but still have questions, such as what it is and how to invoke it? Watch this ultimate violet flame beginner’s guide to get answers.

What is the violet flame?

We all have heard of karma. We can create positive and negative karma and we all want more of the positive type of karma to return to us! However, most of us have made mistakes in this or past lives, which created negative karma. At some point, the law of karma mandates that we have to deal with this negative karma. This could be something as simple as losing money, getting a flu, or getting some very harsh feedback. It can be as dramatic as losing loved ones, injuring ourselves badly, etc.

Thank God, there’s a spiritual energy called the violet flame that has the power to transmute and change any negative karma we are dealing with. The ascended master Saint Germain has brought the gift of the violet flame to mankind in the 1930s. This means that since then, all of us can invoke it as often and as long as we want to, which is just an amazing gift from heaven.

I have called the violet flame a “spiritual superweapon.” The archangels who serve the violet flame have called it “wonder drug of the century” and “wonder flame.” Why?

Imagine that on day X a big chunk of your negative karma is due to descend to you. Before being born in this lifetime, you have agreed with certain heavenly beings that this karma will come to you in form of a car accident, in which you’d be breaking your leg. This would result in you having to stay in bed and being unable to work for a couple of weeks. However, now you know about the violet flame and have the chance to invoke it. You decide to invoke the violet flame for at least 15 minutes every day, focus on visualizing it, and after some time you have transformed this negative karma that was going to descend. Now, what happens on day X? When backing your car out of the garage you may miscalculate how much space you have, hit the wall and end up with a big scratch in the back of your car.


Instead of having to spend weeks in the hospital and wrecking your car, you got away scot-free with a just a scratch in your car! This is truly the result of using the violet flame, which is also called the mercy flame.

Hold on. Just to double check: Do you realize how big this is? You can literally change your reality with the power of the violet flame!

By the way:  You can not only transmute negative karma with the violet flame, but you can literally CREATE YOUR DREAM LIFE with it! Whatever it is you want, just focus on it and visualize it while invoking the violet flame and see how your life changes into your dream life!

If you would like to learn in detail what the violet flame is, check out this page:

How to invoke the violet flame?

The easiest and simplest way to invoke the violet flame is the violet flame mantra. Click on the video that’s popping up in the upper right corner of your screen right now to learn this mantra.

If you’d like to go a step further, watch the INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED violet flame decree videos, that I will link in the video description below. These decrees are another tool you can use to invoke the all-powerful violet flame. They are a bit more complicated than the beginner mantra but could be your next step.

When to invoke the violet flame?

Because we face the karma of a new day when we wake up, it is recommended to use the violet flame in the morning. This way you can transmute whatever negative karma that may be due that day.

You can learn more in my video: “Why Invoke the Violet Flame in the Morning”

How long should you invoke the violet flame?

I recommend invoking the violet flame at least 15 minutes per day. Why? Watch this video to find out! VIDEO: WHY USE VIOLET FLAME 15 MINUTES PER DAY.

What to use the violet flame for?

EVERYTHING! As I said, you can transmute negative karma with it, and you can create your dream life. You can change a negative relationship you have with one of your family members, you can speed up a document process with your government that would otherwise take months, you can lose weight with the violet flame – you can literally use it for ANYTHING!

How to boost your violet flame work?

The beauty is that heaven not only gave us the violet flame as the greatest gift of our time, but it also gave us several ways in which we can boost our violet flame efforts!

As I just mentioned, use the violet flame for at least 15 minutes per day. This will boost your efforts ten times! If you haven’t watched the explanation yet of why this is the case and how it works, watch this video: WHY USE THE VIOLET FLAME 15 MINUTES PER DAY.

Krishna mantra: By inserting the Krishna mantra into your violet flame work, you can also boost your violet flame efforts. Watch this video here to find out more: “Krishna Mantras as Violet Flame Multiplier”.

In my VIDEO “THE VIOLET FLAME TEAM (VIOLET FLAME ANGELS)” I cover who Omri-Tas is and that he has promised to be with us on the 3rd day of each month. This is the perfect opportunity for you to invoke a bit more of the violet flame on this day and ask this great ascended being to multiply and bless your violet flame work.

The 23rd of each month is what I call “the violet flame day.” This is a day where you really want to invoke more violet flame than usual. To learn more, watch my video “Violet Flame Day – 23rd of Each Month”.

Transform your life and change your reality today by getting started with the violet flame, the greatest spiritual superweapon!

If you would like to download the violet flame beginner’s guide that summarizes what I’ve said in this video, go to

Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!


Violet Flame Despair – Don’t Give Up!

Did you start invoking the violet flame but it didn’t seem to work and now you want to give up? Don’t! I have some very good reasons why you should stick to the violet flame work you’ve already begun! Keep watching to learn more.

I’ve received some feedback from one of you, my viewers, that the violet flame didn’t work for him. He invoked it – according to him for a long time and a lot – but he said nothing in his life has changed. He wanted to give up. I told him not to. I’ll tell you why in just a second but first…

 … let me tell you that, at the end of this video, I’ll share a story of someone who actually has seen the violet flame and describes how it works and what it looks like. Stay tuned! 

Ok. So, why would and should you stick to something that doesn’t seem to work for you?  First, let me say that I KNOW for myself that the violet flame works! I have experienced it many times, and I know many people who have had awesome results with the violet flame. In the beginning it’s all about believing. Jesus already said that without faith it’s impossible to please God. So, you must have and keep that faith even though you don’t have any immediate proof yet that the violet flame works.

Another reason why I can assure you it works is that I was there, in your situation. When I first learned about the violet flame and started invoking it, for a long time – and I am speaking about months and even years – things didn’t get better, they actually got worse. When I started invoking the violet flame, I was in a relationship, things were going pretty well, I was taking off some time from work to get to know other countries and cultures. And within a couple of months I wasn’t in a relationship anymore, I had no job and no income, and I was dependent on others to have food to eat and a roof over my head. Now, to be clear: all of this was my choice, there was nobody who did this to me. However, then I became very, very sick, and that’s certainly not something I chose to have happen to me. It took me a long time to get better again and start rebuilding my life. Again, all of this happened while invoking the violet flame hundreds of hours within a time frame of about 2.5 years and sometimes multiple hours a day! 

And there’s a simple explanation for this: as the violet flame begins to transmute your karmic substance, it stirs the pot of your subconscious, so to speak. A lot of old karmic patterns and records float to the surface so that you can see them and make a conscious choice whether or not you want to change old habits and patterns in your psychology. This can cause quite a bit of upset or change in your daily circumstance.

For me, while all of these new challenges were going on, I couldn’t see that the violet flame actually made a difference in my life. I could not see or feel the violet flame, I just believed. There were weeks that I had to invoke the violet flame silently because I was so weak and exhausted that I couldn’t even say the decrees out loud. But I kept going. I knew this was the way to go and after a couple of years I made it through this challenging period. Today I live in a great country, have a family, an income and am healthy and happy. And I am 100% sure that this is thanks to the violet flame!

Don’t get me wrong: I am not telling you that you should do it the same way. My point is: I built a strong momentum when doing all of this work. In this is an important key to success.

Now you may ask, what is a momentum and why is it so important? 

If you want to run a marathon, you don’t start with running a marathon. You might start with walking. After a while you could switch to running. Then you’ll work on your speed and how many miles you’re going to run. Step by step you climb up the ladder until your body is trained to run a marathon. This is building a momentum. You are training and training and getting better each day. This is a process. You do it daily, but it takes a while until the wheel is spinning fast.

It is the same with building a decree momentum. Let’s say that what you want to work on with the violet flame is something big. This would be your marathon. You don’t just invoke the violet flame for 5 minutes and that’s it.

You can’t expect results right away. It doesn’t work that way. You gradually increase your momentum until it is big. It’s like a snowball rolling down the hill. It is small in the beginning but picking up more and more snow on the way down and in the end it’s a huge snowball. This is called the “snowball effect.” When you use the violet flame, you gradually increase how much time you invest in it. You start small with maybe 5 minutes of invocations daily. Then you increase this to 10, 15, or 20 minutes daily. Your momentum increases every day as you invoke the violet flame, and its miracle energy in your aura keeps growing. And eventually you have a powerful momentum going.

That doesn’t mean that once you have a decree momentum, whatever you work on with the violet flame gets transmuted right away. There are issues that I use the violet flame on just for a few minutes and I see instant changes. And there are other issues I use the violet flame on for months at a time and see no changes at all. It all depends on the karma that’s involved in the situation.

This also doesn’t mean that it’s the same for all of us. Some of us might have a strong decree momentum from past lives and so it may take less time to reach the point where you can be really effective with your spiritual work. It really depends. It’s all about keeping a positive mindset and keeping on keeping on.

So, momentum is very, very important to success!

There’s one more thing I want to mention: This viewer shared that it is impossible for him to invoke the violet flame aloud due to his living situation. I know that there are times when we can only invoke the violet flame silently, and though it works, it’s not ideal.

Just imagine a flame on the stove. You turn the burner to low and the flame starts burning and gives off some warmth, but it’s very small. But when you increase the amount of gas, your flame grows big, produces a lot of heat and your food is cooked in a few minutes. It’s the same with the violet flame. When you invoke it silently, it works, it’s there. However, it’s a low-intensity power. You want all the power you can get and you only get that when invoking the violet flame aloud.

That is because when you say something out loud, the energy that you release when you say the words has a certain creative power. For most people, this spoken energy is stronger than the energy of a thought that is formed in the mind. This creative power of the spoken word is amplified when we give a decree, because of the rhythmic pattern and the repetition of the decree. Decreeing is like dropping a pebble in the middle of a pond and seeing waves form. If you keep dropping pebbles at that same spot, the waves will get bigger and stronger. Spoken decrees work the same way: they set creative energy waves in motion, and these waves are stronger than when you only use your mind to silently repeat the decree.

When you are in a situation where there’s no way to invoke it aloud, ask Saint Germain for help. Call to him daily and ask him to provide you with opportunities to invoke the violet flame aloud. If the problem is your living situation and the people you live with, you might get a chance to invoke the violet flame aloud while the other person is running errands or watching TV. If you only have 5 minutes of alone-time in the bathroom – use it. Invoke the violet flame. Invoke the violet flame when you take a shower. You don’t have to shout or decree at such a loud volume that the whole neighborhood can hear you. Just use your voice normally and nobody will hear you.

I’d like to make one more comment: Visualization is another problem some of you are telling me about. That it is very hard. Many of you just see N-O-T-H-I-N-G while decreeing.

You know, visualization makes your decrees come alive. But if you’re unable to see anything, why don’t you first concentrate on learning the decree text and putting your whole heart into it. Think about the thing you want to work on while decreeing and just feel the violet flame changing everything. 

Visualization takes a lot of momentum and practice as well. Everybody eventually can visualize but it takes time. Feeling, on the other hand, is something we all can do right away because it comes automatically to us. We all can put tremendous love into invoking the violet flame.

Alright. As promised, let’s look at a witness’s story that describes how the violet flame works when invoking it! This person wrote:


I want to tell you about an experience I had several months ago while doing the violet flame decrees. I had been doing the decrees for a few months and reading the dictations and Teachings of the Masters. I was beginning to build a strong momentum but was at times frustrated because I felt I didn’t have the proper visualizations. So I began to pray that I be shown visualizations that would be helpful. What I received was beyond all expectations!

One day I was about thirty minutes or so into my decrees and was giving [the] decree [called] “I AM the Violet Flame” […]:

As I closed my eyes, I realized I was seeing something besides the blank screen of my inner eyelids. Something was moving, and it was as real as anything I had ever seen with my eyes open.

I continued giving the decree as a feeling of peace and love swept through my being and was anchored. After a few minutes, I realized that what I was witnessing was the violet flame!  The flame moved slowly and gently and lovingly. I also heard the most beautiful music. […]  It was not an image that I could control–it moved gently and freely in a beautiful and deep shade of violet. Truly, it was the most beautiful spiritual experience that I have had while fully conscious.


Invoking the violet flame and seeing results takes work. It takes practice, training, and constancy. But it is absolutely worth it! Test it today and start invoking the violet flame to change your life!

If you have questions, please leave me a comment below this video. If you like these videos, please give me a thumbs-up and subscribe to my channel.

Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!

Violet Flame Meditation with St. Germain – Self-Forgiveness & Forgiveness (13 Minutes)


Welcome to this violet flame meditation with the ascended master Saint Germain.

We are going to focus on forgiving. It is not important whether this means forgiveness for yourself for something you may have done, or forgiveness for someone else for something they may have done to you or to someone you love. Just determine in your heart right now that whomever you need to forgive, will be forgiven today.

Please sit in a comfortable place and close your eyes. Take a deep breath … And another one …

Center in your heart. Feel how you are ready to let go of the sorrows and burdens in your world as you give yourself permission to enter another world—the world of the Spirit.

Relax your body and your mind. Take another deep breath.

We will take a moment now to invite Saint Germain to be with us during this meditation. I will ask him to guide us and show us how to forgive. You are welcome to add your own prayer, whether you speak it out loud or silently in your heart.

“Beloved ascended master Saint Germain, I call to you to come and place your Divine Presence with us in this meditation for forgiveness. Show us the cause and core of the things in our conscious and subconscious minds that need forgiveness, whether for ourselves or for something hurtful that others have done to us. Send violet flame angels to join us and support us in this spiritual work.

Ask your Holy Christ Self and Archangel Michael to guide and protect you during this meditation.

Now, with your eyes closed, see yourself sitting in a giant violet flame. It surrounds you completely and fills your entire aura and forcefield. The violet light is the light of mercy and forgiveness, the light of soul freedom. Saint Germain brought us the violet flame to help us forgive and be forgiven.

Please join me in softly saying a violet flame mantra as we invite the violet flame into our being. You can give it out loud or say it silently in your heart:

I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires.
I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires.
I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires.


Feel how this violet light energy flows through your body… through the pores of your skin… through your organs… through your cells and atoms… It fills you with a sense of peace and surrender.

Now imagine the ascended master Saint Germain standing in front of you. His radiant presence envelops you in a deep feeling of mercy and forgiveness. Realize how much he loves you and wants you to be freed from everything that imprisons your soul.

Take a moment to think about a burden of non-forgiveness that you have carried with you for a long time. What happened? … Who was involved?… What did you do? …What did the other person or persons do? … What does this energy of non-forgiveness feel like? …

As the picture becomes clear in your mind, now share this burden with Saint Germain. Tell him what happened. Tell him how you felt about this event then, and how you are feeling about it now.

Now that you have unburdened your heart to Saint Germain, let a deep sense of peace surround you. Feel and know that God is all-loving mercy. God forgives all people. He doesn’t want you to suffer. He doesn’t want you to be far away from him. Realize deeply that it is non-forgiveness that separates us from God. Forgivingness brings us straight back to him.

God has forgiven you already before you asked for forgiveness. God knows that you are sorry. God knows that you want to forgive. God knows your burdens.

In this deep awareness of God’s love and mercy, tell Saint Germain what you are hoping for – release, forgiveness, letting go, wholeness, peace – whatever it is you think you need.

Feel the return current of violet flame flashing to you from Saint Germain’s heart as we give a mantra to him:

O Saint Germain send violet flame.
O Saint Germain send violet flame.
O Saint Germain send violet flame.

Feel the violet flame rushing through your body. Saint Germain and the violet flame angels are intensifying it, and it feels much more intense than you’ve ever felt it before.

Feel how the violet flame dissolves all anger, hatred, resentment, and other negative feelings you may have had towards the person you want to forgive or towards yourself.

Feel how these old hurts and outworn energies melt away and are being transmuted by the violet flame, the spiritual superweapon.

The violet flame takes you to a place of a new beginnings – a place where there are no hurtful records and burdensome feelings from the past, and where you can start to be your true self again.

Saint Germain loves your soul more than you could ever know. He wants you to be free. God wants you to be free. The violet flame angels want you to be free.

Feel the violet flame all around you and moving in you and through you.

Feel how your heart starts to feel more spacious. More loving. More embracing. More FREE!

Feel how the last bits of negative energy vanish and how the violet flame fills up all the space in your heart. Realize that this is what freedom feels like.

Breathe in now … more deeply than before. Feel how your chest opens up. Feel how that heavy burden is gone.

Now that you have let go of non-forgiveness, feel how closer you are to God. Feel how more united you are with the universe.

Once more, visualize Saint Germain standing before you. …

Thank him for his love and his assistance. Tell him what changes you will make in your life so that the energy and the burden of non-forgiveness will not return.

As you take your leave of Saint Germain and the violet flame angels, send them your love and gratitude for the most precious gift of the violet flame.

When you are ready, slowly move your arms and legs and then open your eyes.

Take a deep breath as you come back into the world of everyday life—with a new sense of freedom and a new determination to live your life in freedom, in the forgiveness of the violet flame.

Come back and partake in this meditation as often as you want to and need to. Whomever you want to forgive but have been struggling to forgive, can be forgiven with the violet flame.

Why Invoke The Violet Flame In The Morning?


Did you know that it’s best to use the violet flame early in the morning? This simple violet flame hack can make a big difference in what kind of day you are going to have!

There are various strategies and options for using the violet flame during a given day. Some people use it in the morning, some during the day, some at night. I’m going to share why I recommend using the violet flame in the morning.

There are karma-related reasons for this that I’ll explain in detail—and then I’ll share why giving violet flame decrees in the morning can also help with staying focused during your spiritual work!

Karma descends daily in 24-hour cycles, so every morning when we wake up, we face a new portion of our karma that we are meant to learn from, resolve and transmute. It is like the mailman delivering a package of karma at our doorstep every day. A certain portion of negative karma and a certain portion of positive karma is being released daily. You might have some days where more positive karma descends – this could be in form of receiving a nice gift, a loving phone call from a friend, some positive news, or inheriting something valuable – and on some days more negative karma may descend, which could be materializing in the form of an accident, loss of money, receiving some bad news, and so on.

So, why is it helpful to invoke the violet flame early in the day? If you use the violet flame in the morning, you may be able to transmute a big chunk of that day’s negative karma so it doesn’t have to have a negative impact on your life. It simply may not have to materialize because you’ve transmuted it before it is activated. For example, if you were to lose a large sum of money that day, let’s say 5,000 USD, you might lose only 500 USD or even nothing. If you were to have a slight injury that day, you might get just a scratch or not experience anything at all. These smaller portions of karma are called “token karma.” Token karma means that we need to experience a portion of our karma because karma teaches us about how we have used our energy in the past, but we are spared the full impact of our karma because of our spiritual devotions that transmuted most of it.

The violet flame is the mercy flame. Whatever negative karma needs to manifest in your life can be mitigated or erased completely through the wonderful transmuting violet flame.

If you don’t know how to invoke the violet flame, look for a link to a video with some explanations and how-to’s below this video.

Here are a couple more reasons why I recommend using the violet flame in the morning:

Most of us know the saying, “THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM.” There is certainly truth to that. By integrating your violet flame invocations into your morning routine, you can increase positivity, your energy level, your health and your productivity for the day that lies ahead. Also, in the early morning hours, you usually have fewer distractions and can focus better. Plus, once you’ve invoked the violet flame for the day ahead, it’s done – you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I don’t know about you, but I feel more productive when getting the things that I want to do, done in the morning. It gives me a positive head start for that day and gives me satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I also feel in control of my day and know that I can do anything I want.

Here’s one more reason: One of my friends mentioned to me that if you invoke the violet flame in the morning, there’s a smaller chance of falling asleep while decreeing. This can be different at night: The violet flame can have a very relaxing effect on your body – so after a long workday, the chance of falling asleep at night while invoking the violet flame is much greater.

You can see that there are good reasons to invoke the violet flame in the morning. However, if for whatever reason you’re only able to do your invocations in the afternoon or evening – don’t worry about it. It’s better to do them at any time of the day than not doing them at all!

Start invoking the violet flame today. You can really have marvelous results with it!

If you don’t know how to invoke the violet flame, watch the video that is popping up in the upper right corner right now (

Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!

Violet Flame Decree “O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life” by Zarathustra /

How to Invoke the Violet Flame


Would you like to learn another violet flame decree? In this video I’ll teach you a violet flame decree ( that is one of my favorites!

In other videos I’ve introduced to you the violet flame beginner’s mantra and an intermediate and advanced violet flame decree. In this video I’ll show you how to give the “O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life” decree.

This decree comes with a special dispensation, which I will tell you about in just a minute.

The ascended master Zarathustra is the sponsor of the “O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life” violet flame decree—which means that when we give it, he sends us his energy to amplify the action of the decree. So, who is he?

Zarathustra, who is also known by the Greek name Zoroaster, is the founder of Zoroastrianism. This is one of the oldest world religions that focused on the worship of physical fire as a symbol of spiritual fire.  Zarathustra lived in ancient Iran. It’s not clear exactly when he lived, but scholars place him somewhere in the second or early first millennium BC. Tradition says that Zarathustra received his teachings on the sacred fire from a great spiritual being called Ahura Mazda, or “Wise Lord,” and used them to inaugurate a powerful religion of fire that still exists today.

Zarathustra is now an ascended master. The Summit Lighthouse (TSL) Encyclopedia says the following about him:

“He is the highest initiate of the sacred fire on the planet and the governing authority of the energies of fohat.” (

Fohat is an old Tibetan name for the vital, creative energies of the universe. Fohat or spiritual fire permeates the whole universe, whether it is in the vast reaches of space or in the fiery core of every atom of the material creation.

A portion of fohat or spiritual sacred fire is also stored in our chakras, and can be released as creative energy when we use the science of the spoken word. In other words, it is the energy that is released when you use mantras and decrees. You can think of the special rhythms that are built into the decrees by the ascended masters as hidden codes that can bring about powerful positive manifestations in our material world. (

For example, every time when you use violet flame decrees, the violet-flame aspect of the sacred fire is released and brings about the desired change you’re decreeing for – if it’s God’s will, of course.

So, Zarathustra is the great ascended master who oversees and trains the heavenly priests of the sacred fire. These priests use the ancient science of invocation to infuse the material world with spiritual energy. You can imagine what a blazing light Zarathustra must be!

The TSL Encyclopedia says:

“Being in the presence of Zarathustra is like being in the presence of the physical sun itself. The mastery he has of spiritual fire and physical fire is, if not the highest, among the highest of any adept ascended from this planet. If you want to keep the flame of Zarathustra, visualize him keeping the flame, the divine spark, in your own heart. He is the greatest ‘fire-tender’ of them all, if you will.” (

Now that we know who Zarathustra is, let’s look at the decree he gave us, “O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life.” We’ll read it through once to get to know it.


by Zarathustra

O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life,
Thou gift of God so pure,
Take my thoughts and energy
And make them all secure.

Under bond of Brotherhood
And understanding fair,
Send thee forth unto my soul
The gift of holy prayer.

Communication’s strands of love,
How they woo by heaven’s law
A tender blessing for the good,
Releasing holy awe

That draws me near the throne of grace
To now behold thy sacred face
And without fear dispense aright
The passions of pure God-delight
Which set me free from all that’s been
The sinful nature of all men.

Christ, raise me to self-mastery,
The living passion of the free.
Determination, now arise
And lift me ever to the skies!

Enfolding life and being all
With the God-command
“Amen!” that shatters human pall.

The free—no bondage holds me back;
I AM the fullness of Love’s law
Supplying every lack,
And consecration in full measure
Is my will and God’s own pleasure.

Saint Germain and Jesus dear,
Hold my hand with Morya’s here
And let the love of Mary then
Be the wings to raise all men.

Until they all unite in Love
To serve that purpose from above
That comes to earth at any hour
Responding to the call of Power;
Send thy shining Wisdom then
That is God’s love
Expanded for all men.

I thank thee and I accept this done right now with full power. I AM this done right now with full power. This is the full manifestation of the Law of Love that raises me to my eternal Victory, now and forever!

[Source: Decree 0.06, “O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life,” from Prayer, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation (Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, published by The Summit Lighthouse, 2010).]

As you can see, it is a very poetic decree. Isn’t it beautiful?

I promised earlier that I’d share with you a special dispensation, or gift of heaven, that Zarathustra gave us regarding this decree—so here it is. He asked us to give this decree every year during the six weeks prior to Christmas, nine times daily, for spiritual acceleration. He said that while you give this decree, he will place his electronic presence over you, which realigns your chakras and helps you to balance the threefold flame and bring God-control into every aspect of your life. (

An electronic presence is the spiritual forcefield surrounding ascended masters. They can multiply this presence at will and extend it to anyone who asks for their help.

The threefold flame is the divine spark in our heart that consists of three intertwining flames or plumes of fire that express the key aspects of the divine consciousness. These three flames have the colors blue, yellow and pink, respectively. The blue flame stands for divine power, the yellow flame for divine wisdom and the pink flame for divine love. If you’d like to learn more about the threefold flame, watch my video: WHY THE SUMMIT LIGHTHOUSE? THE THREEFOLD FLAME MEDITATION – VIDEO 1 OF 4

Why do you need realignment of your chakras though?

Well, our chakras are very sensitive spiritual instruments. Every day, a lot of energy passes through them that is colored by our thoughts and feelings. Positive thoughts and feelings cleanse our chakras and accelerate their spin, but negative thoughts and feelings clog them with low-vibrating energy and slow down their spinning, which in turns makes us less energetic and just less healthy, happy and joyful.

So, think about the great cleansing action when Zarathustra blazes his sacred fire through our chakras and gives them a positive spin every day. It’s indeed a great gift from heaven.

Keep in mind that this dispensation is active only during the six weeks leading up to Christmas every year, but of course you can give this decree as often as you want to on any other day of the year.

Okay, let’s now give this decree together, three times, with great devotion to the sacred fire and the divine flame in our heart. We’ll gradually speed up the pace.


by Zarathustra

[See decree text above]

Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!

Violet Flame Weight Loss – Lose Weight With The Violet Flame


Would you like to lose weight? Have you been trying everything imaginable but nothing has worked? I have the perfect super weapon for you to tackle this problem once and for all! 

Most of us have been on some kind of diet at least once. Maybe you just wanted to drop a couple of pounds, or maybe you wanted to lose some serious weight, say 20, 30 or 40 pounds or more! Weight loss is something almost everybody has tried to accomplish—and often failed at. But have you tried the violet flame? It is not just the most effective spiritual weapon in terms of transmuting karma, but it also can be THE KEY to physical things we struggle with, such as weight loss.

Have you grown tired of dieting and have come to accept your current weight, even though you’re not happy with it? I’ll explain to you shortly why the violet flame is THE true game changer in losing weight and how you can use it! But first, let me tell you my own story, so you can see why I’m so excited about the violet flame.

As long as I can remember, I was overweight as a kid. I remember being in 4th grade – I was about 10 years old – and my physical education teacher asked me for my weight because she wasn’t sure if the special trampoline we were working with would support me. I also remember being bullied by boys in my class just because I wasn’t as skinny as other girls. 

At the time, this didn’t affect me too emotionally yet. However, my sister and I decided to go on our first diet when I was 10. I remember only eating ham and salad for a couple of days and it was just awful. When I was 13 and more sensitive about the critical looks I received, I basically didn’t eat for a couple of weeks and lost some serious weight. I became real skinny and had the body I wanted to.

But after that first round of not eating, my body was craving food. Like most dieters, I started yo-yoing and gaining much of the weight back by overeating a lot and compensating for the period I did not eat. Ever since that time I was on and off a diet. I tried soup diets, 0-calory diets, low carb high fat diets, fasting, Weight Watchers—just about every kind of diet that you can find in this world. When I was 21 and lived in the USA for a while, I reached the worst point in terms of my weight and also in unhealthy eating habits. I gained another 12-16 pounds by eating a very fatty, sugary diet—and you know what?  I honestly didn’t care anymore at that point. It was the heaviest I had ever been.

I wish I had known about the violet flame when I was a kid and in my 20-ies.  I am convinced that if I had known about it then, my whole weight loss experience would have been a totally different story. But since I didn’t know it then, I just kept struggling with weight control the usual way.

Eventually, a couple of years ago I changed my overall diet to a very healthy diet, in which I refrained often from sugar and found a healthy balance. This didn’t protect me from gaining some extra weight during a vacation, for instance, but it got me into a spot where I was more accepting of gaining some weight every so often and then losing it again naturally – like many women do.

I still use this technique today when I need to, and used it during my pregnancy to not gain too much weight but just enough, so my baby would get the nutrition that it needed.

But let me tell you my personal secret about how I used the violet flame to help me with my weight loss.  If you’re new to my channel and don’t know yet how to invoke the violet flame, I recommend that you watch the video that’s popping up in the upper right corner of your screen right now (Video: The Violet Flame Mantra – Beginners / How to Invoke the Violet Flame ).

My secret technique is based on the power of visualization: visualizing the ideal you. While you invoke the violet flame and letting its transformative energy flow through you, visualize your body exactly the way you want it to be. You can imagine your legs, belly, and arms in the right size. You can imagine yourself wearing super pretty clothes on a body that just looks perfect. Imagine the feelings you have: how great you’ll feel in your body at last; imagine others paying you compliments about your body and the way that makes you feel. Imagine whatever makes you feel good in your body and visualize the person you are about to become!

If you want to start working out but you have absolutely no motivation – just imagine yourself working out. See yourself lifting weights or running or whatever you’d like to start doing and imagine the satisfaction this will give you. Once your visualizations get stronger and gain momentum, your body will want to follow in terms of eating healthier and getting more exercise.

Of course, weight loss is a complex thing. All people are different and I can’t guarantee that what happened to me will also happen exactly the same way to you. But let me describe my own results when I added violet flame decrees and visualizations to my weight loss journey. 

The change for me started with naturally eating less and having less of an appetite. Instead of craving unhealthy foods, quite suddenly I wanted to eat more veggies or fruit! Previously I often got an urge to eat something even though I wasn’t hungry, but when I started using my visualization process combined with violet flame decrees, I developed a certain indifference to these moments and became more and more okay with not just eating when I felt a craving. The big urges or cravings I often had had just didn’t show up anymore.

Of course, invoking the violet flame cannot replace a healthy diet or working out. If you want to lose a serious amount of weight, it’s good to find a doctor or coach who can support you on your journey. But my experience is that if you add the violet flame to dealing with this problem, over time you will WANT to eat healthier and move your body more!

The violet flame can change your eating behavior from the inside out, because it changes the underlying sabotaging desires and habits. You may notice that you’re not attracted to the same not-good-for-you foods anymore that you loved before, and that you can truly embrace a better, higher vision of yourself. Be open to welcoming this change and enjoy this exciting time!

Start using the violet flame today to help you get the body you want to. Remember: The more you focus and the more time you spend invoking the violet flame daily, the better and faster the results! 

Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!

Krishna Mantras as Violet Flame Multiplier


Would you like to know how you can multiply your violet flame decrees with a mantra and get even a greater benefit from your violet flame work? I’ll tell you more in a minute…

You’ve probably heard of the divine being Krishna. He is one of the most well-known Indian deities and is worshipped as the eighth incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu. Vishnu is the second person of the Hindu Trinity—the preserver of the creation and the great teacher of mankind—just as in the West we understand the Christ to be the second person of the Christian Trinity. Since the mind of Krishna is in the whole creation, including us, you can think of the Krishna consciousness as similar to the Christ consciousness or to your Holy Christ Self – a mediator between our human selves and our divine source or I AM Presence. If you want to heal your inner child, Krishna mantras and bhajans are really good to do that. He has promised to heal all kinds of traumas – whether emotional, physical or mental – from this or any past lifetimes.

I’ll tell you in just a moment how Krishna can help you be even more efficient with your violet flame work.

But first, what does Krishna have to do with the violet flame?

Krishna has said the following in a dictation given through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in 1992:

“I tell you, beloved, the multiplication of the Krishna mantra by the power of the violet flame and the violet flame by the power of the Krishna mantra is an indomitable force!”


So here we have another dispensation, or gift from heaven, for all those who love the violet flame and love mantras!

Okay, now we come to the most important part: What exactly does this mean?

I spoke to some friends who were around when this gift from Krishna was given and they told me that when you chant the Krishna mantras in between or after violet flame decrees, this dispensation will multiply your efforts! The most recommended Krishna mantra for this kind of work is the Hare Krishna, which is also known as the Maha Mantra or “Great Mantra.”

Let’s take a quick look at the lyrics before singing it:

Sanskrit Transliteration:


English Translation:
The Maha Mantra is a recitation of the divine names Rama and Krishna. It means, “O energy of the Lord, O all-attractive, all- pleasing Lord, please engage me in your devotional service.”

HARE—an address or call to the feminine energy of the Lord. ––– In the Maha Mantra, Hare is an address to Radha, the feminine aspect of Krishna. The teaching is that one approaches the Lord Krishna through Radha. KRSNA—the all-attractive one; the eighth of ten incarnations of Vishnu. RAMA—the all-pleasing – one; the seventh incarnation of Vishnu.

SOURCE: Book of Hymns and Songs. Song 640. Summit Publications, Inc. Copyright © 1974, revised 2014. The Summit Lighthouse, Inc. All rights reserved.

I happen to know a group that sings bhajans once a week live on YouTube and they were so kind to provide me with their version of the Krishna Mantra. We’re going to sing it in a moment, but first, let’s give our foundational violet flame mantra three times:

I AM a being of violet fire

I AM the purity God desires (3x)

Now it’s time for Krishna. Feel free to sing along and feel the power of this mantra! Enjoy!

Violet Flame Interview with Sebastian Castro


Hi Sebastian!

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us today and share with us your violet flame experience. Could you maybe introduce yourself a little bit, so my audience gets to know you?

Thanks, Simone, for the invitation. It’s an honor to me to be here in this interview and to share my experiences with your audience. Well, my name is Sebastian Castro, I am from Columbia, South America. And I’ve been working for many years as a flight attendant in an airline, so, I used to fly back and forth to many countries… to Europe and meeting many different cultures and people. But in the past months I’ve been working as a web developer. I really love computers and, you know, those technology things, so I focused myself on working on that. 

That sounds very interesting! And very diverse, actually. For our South American viewers, where exactly in Columbia are you located at?

In Medellín. Medellín is a really nice city with wonderful weather, so…

Nice! Yeah, I can imagine. Lots of sunshine!

So, yes, I ask everybody to come and visit. It’s a really, really interesting city.

Very nice! All right… so could you share with us how you actually learned about the violet flame, how you got to know it?

Well, I found the violet flame like 18 years ago. I was unemployed at the time and passing a lot of difficulties, so I went to a library and I bought a little book called “How to work with angels” from Elizabeth Clare Prophet. It’s a little book. And in that book, they mention the violet flame that is the cosmic eraser. So, if you use it that’s going to be helpful for you… to help you with the difficulties. So, I just gave it a try and started using it. I didn’t get the best job… but I got a job like one month later, but I think it’s a process. The more you use the violet flame all of the time, the better it’s going to get. It was… in terms of using it… daily about 10-15 minutes, sometimes more. So, I started getting some good results in terms of getting a better job, feeling better with my emotions, relationships with my family… things like that. It’s pretty interesting. I always ask people just to give it a try and use it to see results.

Did you find it a little bit odd when you read about it in the beginning because, you know, there are people that read about the violet flame or hear about it and just think, you know, “I can’t see it…” In the beginning, at least most people, can’t feel it or, you know, even have a sense of it and it’s just like… how can a violet flame that I can’t even see, that doesn’t physically exist in this world… change anything in my life? So, did you have any doubts or any thoughts like this or did you just say “Oh yeah… I believe it and I just do it.”

Oh yeah, totally, totally… At the beginning I was doubting… it’s hard to believe that you’re not able to see it but I wanted to give it a try because of the testimonials from some friends, so… I don’t see the violet flame, I’ve never seen it… So I just started feeling much better and I started seeing changes in my life… so that’s why I think it is powerful. At the beginning I didn’t know how to use it, I just repeated the mantras over and over… So, I think that there was an issue because the instructions are pretty clear that for better results you have to visualize in your mind… you’re trying to put in your mind a violet flame that is burning yourself or burning whatever situation you have… in your plans. So, after some time I started visualizing and it was pretty interesting because the more you visualize the decrees the better results you get.

What I find very interesting is… going back into the beginning because many, many of my viewers are just starting to use the violet flame and are in the beginning phase. You basically just relied on other peoples’ experiences, what they told you, the testimonies you mentioned, and you just tried it and you saw an effect in your life. You saw an impact, having an impact on your life, a positive impact, obviously. So, that is very cool. You said you used the mantras… is there a specific mantra you used, can you remember, in the beginning?

The very simple one: “I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires.”


And there’s a whole bunch of other decrees that you can use.

Very simple but effective.

Oh yeah… Yeah, it’s really effective. I can promise that it works. You put all your heart in it, you visualize it… but it’s pretty important to know that the violet flame works if you are going to act correctly… If you’re going to do right things because if you use it for wrong things or, you know, the violet flame is not going to work.

Yeah… God or the ascended masters aren’t fools, right?

Yeah, yeah… 

Some people might think that – but absolutely not! 

So there’s a lot of things that you have to… you need to control… like criticism or other things regarding behavior towards other human beings.

I think it’s just always about trying your best and, you know, progressing on the path.

Yeah, that’s right… being a good person that helps.

And speaking about the positive impact the violet flame had on your life – could you give us some specific examples?

Specific examples in terms of in my life?


Ohh sure… the job changes, the emotions, which is really important… You know, we live in a world under stress where families are struggling to survive… So after using these mantras for a long time, I could feel that everything was smooth and better for environment to live. So that’s the most important thing to me. And, you know, health issues got better, mostly with your mind because you feel like your brain starts working much faster, much, you know, you get more ideas in order to create in your job whatever you are working on… So that’s pretty interesting.

I’ve also experienced that. If you need like a solution to an issue, you have no idea about or, you know, you just want some creativity. The violet flame is the best tool ever. You just start using it and you start getting all these ideas, these creative ideas, how to solve something or do something.

Yeah, you are completely right. Because I remember like one or two months ago, I was working on a project to develop a website and there were so many technical issues… didn’t want to work. So, I was really, really concerned… I didn’t know what to do… because we are humans… So, I just started thinking “I’m not going to get this done soon”… So, in the middle of my desperate situation, I just started doing my mantras, my violet flame mantras, over and over for two hours and all of the sudden I just got all these ideas – do this and do that… Ideas in my mind… So, I could fix it in 10 minutes. So, the violet flame makes a difference, it’s really awesome.

It’s like a blockage got removed and you’re creative, you know, flow, just got reestablished again.

Yeah, that’s that’s right… and you know the violet flame heals. So, it heals the brain cells, heals your whole body… It is not only for external situations, it’s for your inner self, too. 

Do you feel physically a difference?

Oh yes, sure. You feel lighter… you feel like… It’s something that you have to experience. Just try it… but do it over and over… with all your faith and you’ll see differences.

You mentioned before that when you were transitioning from one to another job that was already when you started using the violet flame… So, did the violet flame help you also in finding the right job for you? Because you said you were a flight attendant and then you switched basically to website development, which is a big switch. It’s a very… Those are two different, very different, fields… So, did the violet flame somehow support you in that process?

Yeah, all the time but it’s a process, you know. God has plans that we don’t know, we just think what’s better but whatever prayer you make when you use the decree work, the violet flame decrees, you just have to adjust it according to God’s will. And it took some time to switch to the new job but it was real… Thanks to the decree work.

Did you also use the violet flame already when you had some personal issues in relationships with, you know, family, friends, whatever it is.

Oh sure, yeah. For example, I remember to have difficult situations with passengers in the plane, so when I had this situation, I went to the backside of the plane and started doing my decrees with the violet flame and all of the sudden these passengers just calmed down and everything was fine all of a sudden.

So, you used the violet flame right in the situation…

Yeah, yeah… For example, if you are in a line in the bank waiting to be attended, you just start silently doing your decrees and all of the sudden the line starts moving… So, it’s things like that when you sense that there is a difficult situation… just use the violent flame and everything is going to start moving… for some reason 🙂

That is very cool… that you mention it because it’s a very practical tool also. You just said when you’re standing in line and, you know, you want to get over it already but there’s like 10 people before you… just start, you know, giving the decrees or mantras and it starts moving, it starts flowing.

Yeah… the violet flame is useful for everything, it’s not only for big projects in your life. It is useful for small details like, you know, waiting in the bank or maybe going to the doctor and and you want the doctor to do an accurate, you know, exam, so you just start doing your violet flame decrees and everything is going to be much better.

Or even getting appointments…


Yep or getting, for example, like one example that I have is a short while ago I booked a hotel for a short trip and they basically cancelled on me but I had to make already a pre-payment. So I paid 50% of the price already and they just, you know, they took forever to just give me the money back, to reimburse me… And I used the violet flame really a lot on them because I was like, you know, I want my money back! And it’s just… it dissolves so much quicker… simple situations like these that are… they’re not like, you know, super, super heavy problems in our lives but they are, you know, big enough that they annoy you. You just want to have them solved.

Yeah, yeah… it is true. So don’t feel discouraged if you feel that the violet flame is not working for some situations… just think about what could be wrong during the process… If it’s not working that’s probably because it’s God’s plan, God’s will, so you gotta wait a while… Keep doing your decree work and just see… just see what happens.

Right and we just spoke recently about that sometimes it’s just karma that has to descend, right?

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing… Sometimes it’s just the process of, you know, the karmic situation… you need to learn a lesson… you need to feel… but the violet flame helps so that the situation is not being so painful.

And sometimes we think it doesn’t help because this situation doesn’t seem to change but actually the situation then is, you know, at a bearable level instead of at a very bad level. But we just don’t know… we don’t know that if we didn’t use the violet flame, it would be way, way worse… but we just don’t know, so we think, you know, it’s not working.

Yeah, we are not aware of how difficult the situation could be…


Because nothing happens… because I don’t see great things… You never know what is behind a situation. Just keep doing your prayers and yeah, so it’s a matter of living in the present, not worry for the future and then keep doing the violet flame decrees all the time. 

Do you have a daily violet flame ritual?

Yes, I do. I spend about at least 10, 15 minutes, could be more, but I try to keep that rhythm, so,  because you never know… It’s like a bank account. It’s good to have some violet flame savings.

Right… and some people might not know this but there are days where more karma has to descend and there are other days where less karma descends. Or maybe even none… I don’t know. But on those days where you invoke the violet flame a lot, let’s say there’s not much karma that you could transmute for that day… it goes to kind of a bank account, right? Let’s say the spiritual bank account and your Higher Christ Self manages that bank account. So it knows exactly when karma has to descend and there might be another day where you just have like I don’t know 5, 10 minutes to invoke the violet flame but some heavy karma might descend but because you have something in that bank account, your Higher Christ Self just, you know, basically uses that violet flame savings to transmute that karma that would otherwise descend.

Yeah, that’s correct. So that’s why it’s much better to keep doing the decrees, so you can get good savings, you never know…

Exactly. Do you use them at a specific time during the day?

It’s much better to use them in the morning but whatever time is OK. The thing here is to just do it.

And why would you say it’s better to use it in the morning?

Because the karma descends at 5:00 AM every day… so… Well, I’m not asking you to do decrees at 5:00 AM because, you know, … but the earlier the better. I don’t know… there are also some other reasons that I cannot remember but it’s more practical early in the morning…

I think it’s also because it gives you a good head start. I mean, yes you transmute the karma, that’s very important, but it’s also since it makes you feel good and energized… it just gives you a good head start into your day.

Yeah, and you have all the energy available… you just woke up, rested, so it makes a difference. Because if you do it at night, you’re gonna be tired, you could fall asleep and not do it… So, it’s much better to have the violet flame scheduled in the morning.

And you said in the beginning you preferred or started with the mantra… Are you still using the mantra or are you using more decrees now?

At this moment I use more decrees.


Yeah, and it’s good to do the decrees with, you know, with some YouTube videos… because, you know, that energy that is in the video with other people gets transmitted to you… so it gets stronger… the decree work.

That is a very interesting comment because then you can actually also learn the rhythm of a decree.

Yeah, yeah…

There are certainly many decrees on YouTube.

Yeah, there’s a lot of decrees in YouTube and with different rhythms… with more people. So, you get better results with them. And the videos have images… like visualizations, so it’s not just repeating empty words. The most important thing is to put in your mind the picture of what you want to change and visualize that you are burning with violet flame the situation. So, it’s a work. Repeating the decree and visualizing on the same time that’s a good tip for better results…

And I think it’s normal in the beginning… visualization is for many people very difficult especially because they don’t know the texts and the lyrics of the decree… So, I guess, you know, all of us started at one point and we just, I guess, learned how to decree first and then started visualizing as well.

Yeah, at the beginning it is a little bit complex because you don’t know the lyrics, you don’t know the words… So, it’s just a matter of time. Start reading the decrees and if you start learning the the words… just start visualizing and go by memory.

Yes, exactly because something you do over and over again, just… you memorize it.

It’s a matter of, you know, practicing and practicing.

Like everything in life. Do you also know other people who use the violet flame?

Yes, I do… I have many friends that use it for, you know, for a better life.

And they are as happy with the results as you are.

Oh yes… they are. It’s impossible not to be happy with this wonderful gift from heaven.

I think that’s also something nice because I believe at least in the beginning, again, many people feel like, you know, they are the only persons, the only people in the world, that use the violet flame and it’s like… I didn’t know anybody in the beginning who used the violet flame… I just started. And then, you know, the further you go and the more time you spend on giving it, you get to know other people, you kind of attract other people into your lives and then all of the sudden you have these many people that do the same thing as you, you know, they know the violet flame and they use it everyday, etc…

It’s like a magnet. It’s like a magnet and because, you know, you change your vibration, you change your energy, so you start attracting similar people like you. Which is good!

Yeah, and it can be very helpful, also in just, you know, sharing experiences… 

Yeah… sharing experiences and, you know, getting in a different community. So, it becomes pretty interesting…

Very nice. Is there like… would you like to share anything with my audience, especially also to people that just get started with the violet flame? Do you have any tips or anything you would like to say to them?

Well, my tip is just give it a try, at least for 30 days or maybe two months… Spend 10, 15 minutes in your room in any special area you wanna set for this decree work… So, just be persistent and give it a try and you’ll see… you’ll see the results. Don’t forget to visualize the violet flame… use the YouTube videos and I’m pretty sure everything is going to be different in your life.

That is a beautiful forecast. Well, thank you so much for sharing your experience, your thoughts and everything you’ve learned about the violet flame. I really appreciate it… and all the best to you.

Thanks Simone. I’m so happy to be in this interview. I hope many, many people are going to join the violet flame campaign…

I hope so too. Thanks so much Sebastian.

Thank so much and have a great day.

Thanks, you too!

Meet the Violet Flame Team (Violet Flame Angels)!

Did you know there’s a whole violet flame team in heaven ready to assist us? Keep watching to learn more…

Heaven is home to a huge group of violet flame angels who are dedicated to the violet flame. There’s a whole team helping us with the violet flame and ready to bring the greatest gift of all times to mankind. Today I will introduce six of these beings.

Did you know there are spiritual beings that are higher in hierarchy than archangels? In just a few moments I will introduce two of them… since they are members of the violet flame team!

Let’s start with THE ascended master of the violet flame: Saint Germain.

Saint Germain

As most of you know, Saint Germain is the ascended master who brought us the gift of the violet flame. He is the Chohan, which means “lord,” or “boss,” if you will, of the seventh light ray. This is the violet ray of forgiveness and mercy. And guess what? The violet flame is also called the “mercy flame” or “forgiveness flame.”

What do we know about Saint Germain’s past embodiments on earth? Well, he was embodied as a ruler of a golden-age civilization over 50,000 years ago, a high priest in the violet flame temple on Atlantis, the prophet Samuel, Joseph the father of Jesus, Francis Bacon, and many more!

So, why is Saint Germain so important when it comes to the violet flame? Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, which is an astrological age that we entered around the beginning of the new millennium. That means that he is the main ascended master who is responsible for advancing spiritual evolution on our planet for the next 2,000 years. The ascended master Jesus Christ was the Hierarch of the Piscean Age, which covered the previous 2,000 years.

Saint Germain is a great lover of freedom—one of the qualities of the violet flame—and he tirelessly pleads the cause of freedom for and on behalf of mankind before the Karmic Board. The Karmic Board consists of eight ascended beings who govern mankind’s karma. These are beings that you meet before and after a lifetime on earth to discuss your spiritual progress and your life assignments and tasks.

Without Saint Germain, I would not be doing my violet flame videos because we wouldn’t even know that there is a violet flame!

He is the ascended master who advocated for us to receive the greatest gift of all times! Without him we would have had to bear the full burden of our karma or transmute it through service to life, because we couldn’t just sit down and do violet flame decrees to transmute it. He has made great sacrifices for us and has given A LOT to make the violet flame available to all of us. But that’s a topic for another video…

So: In the 1930s, Saint Germain revealed the violet flame’s existence to the world at large through his messengers Guy and Edna Ballard during the early days of the I AM movement. And now we all can use it if we want to.


Do you remember Omri-Tas from my video: Why use the Violet Flame at least 15 minutes per day? It is popping up right now in the upper right corner, in case you want to refresh your memory.

Omri-Tas is the ruler of the Violet Planet and Saint Germain has told us that “Omri-Tas carries such an intensity of violet flame and of the seventh ray in his aura that it extends far beyond the actual size of planet Earth.”

Let’s ponder this for a second: The earth has a maximum diameter of 12,756 kilometers, which is 7926 miles. That’s almost 13,000 kilometers! Let me give you a comparison to make this number more real. The distance between Los Angeles in the US and Darwin in Australia is 12,701 kilometers or 7892 miles. That is almost the same distance as from one point on the surface of the earth, through the core to the opposite point on the surface. It takes 16 hours and 17 minutes to fly from LA to Darwin—so if there were a flight path through the center of the earth, it would take that long to get to the other side.

Saint Germain said that Omri-Tas’ violet flame intensity extends beyond the size of the earth, so now you have a sense of the vastness of Omri-Tas’ energy field. We don’t know how much bigger it is than our planet, but I think we can all agree on it being something very, very huge and special.

Omri-Tas loves mankind so much that he has promised to be present on earth on the third day of each month “to give the devotees and all mankind an incomparable boost of violet flame!” (

So, it’s great to call to him on this special day every month and ask for his violet flame blessings!

Zadkiel & Holy Amethyst

Zadkiel is the archangel of the seventh ray. He and his twin flame, Holy Amethyst, embody and administer God’s freedom, alchemy, transmutation, forgiveness and more.

Holy Amethyst focuses the mother aspect of freedom through an amethyst crystal. All who serve the seventh ray in heaven, as well as many of their devotees on earth, wear an amethyst crystal as a focus of the violet flame.

Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst are here to help us secure our individual freedom. As you might realize, karma is our main freedom blocker because it keeps us imprisoned in old records and tied to this world. And what’s the ultimate karma transmuter? Exactly! The violet flame!

Archangel Zadkiel said the following about the violet flame:

“We see from inner levels the tremendous effort you make to transmute the layers upon layers of karma you have made in this and past lives. It is truly a marvelous thing for us to behold. In one moment you sit surrounded with every kind of negative thought revolving in your aura. In the next, you decide to invoke the violet flame.

“And lo! the mighty power of the seventh ray, as a giant electrode of cosmic energy, begins to form around your person. The violet-flame angels gather around you. With palms outstretched, they direct across your four lower bodies and your aura an arc of the violet ray. As that arc flashes across your being, it vaporizes the negative conditions. They literally disappear from heart and mind! “

SOURCE: Marl L. Prophet; Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The Masters and Their Retreats (Climb the Highest Mountain Series). Summit University Press.

Isn’t it amazing to hear an archangel speak about the power of the violet flame and describe what it looks like on the other side?

He also said:

“When you invoke the light of our violet-flame legions, know that millions of angels of the seventh ray respond to your call immediately. We see the rise, the fall and the ebb of the tide of world karma daily as Keepers of the Flame worldwide do invoke the violet flame and therefore mitigate the effects of mass karma.”


Woooooowwww…. MILLIONS OF ANGELS! Can you imagine that? This just leaves me speechless. And he said we literally can have a positive effect on world karma just by invoking the violet flame. That is so amazing.

Arcturus & Victoria

As mentioned before in this video: There are beings of light that are even higher in heaven’s hierarchy than the archangels: the Elohim.

We know of seven Elohim and their twin flames. They are the builders of form in the material universe and were the ones who actually created the world when God gave the command! The Elohim and cosmic beings carry the greatest concentration and highest vibration of light that we as human beings can comprehend.


Arcturus and Victoria are the Elohim of the seventh ray, which means that they serve the violet ray throughout our known cosmos. They are dedicated to the freedom and the victory of planet earth. They have an etheric retreat near Luanda in Angola, Africa, where they focus the energies of mercy, forgiveness and alchemy. A retreat is a kind of school room that our souls can travel to at night to be taught by great spiritual beings!

Let’s see what Arcturus and Victoria have to say about the violet flame:

“Everything that happens to you in this world can be altered by the violet flame! Only you can decide….

“Somehow this human mind … does not quite believe, even in the minds and hearts of chelas or disciples, that the violet flame can do everything—everything that you need to have done…

“When an alchemist goes to his laboratory, if he does not perform the experiment, if he does not engage in alchemy, nothing happens. Well, if you do nothing, you will see nothing! And so the experiment must include your invoking the violet flame for a certain amount of time each day until you have a momentum building in your aura….”

Aren’t these super powerful words? You have heard me say that the violet flame is a spiritual super weapon. Well, Arcturus and Victoria call it the “wonder drug of the century” and “the wonder flame”!

SOURCE: Mark L. Prophet; Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The Masters and Their Retreats (Climb the Highest Mountain Series) (pp. 39-41). Summit University Press.)


Besides these six team members I have officially presented to you, there are millions and millions of violet flame angels as well as many more ascended masters and cosmic beings who are very devoted to the violet flame.

Now that you know how many spiritual beings there are who want to help us with using the violet flame, I hope you will increase your invocations to the violet flame, or start using it today! Ask any of the six beings I have presented today for their help. Remember, the call compels the answer!

If you don’t know how to invoke the violet flame, check out my video: THE VIOLET FLAME MANTRA – BEGINNERS, which you can see pop up in the upper right corner of your screen right now.

I’ll add all my sources and book links in the description below this video. A quick note: Book links included in this video may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide, I may receive a small commission. This helps me to continue providing you with free content!

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7 Reasons why the violet flame may not be working for you

Have you been using the violet flame for a while now to work on something but it’s not working? Keep watching to understand why!

Some of you have used the violet flame to work on a specific problem or on your dream project but you’re not seeing any results, which can be quite frustrating. You’re waiting every day for the big change but it’s not happening.

In this video I cover some of the reasons why it may not be working for you and what you can change to make it work.

Okay, so you’ve been working with the violet flame on something specific but are not seeing the results you desire. Let’s go into some of the reasons why it’s not working.

We’ll start with the obvious – but sometimes the obvious can be the most tricky:

Time Commitment

You’re not spending enough time invoking the violet flame.

For example, you want to change the relationship between you and your dad that has been really bad for the past 40 years. You’ve decided to really put some effort in it and try to change the situation. You’re doing 10 minutes daily of violet flame decrees and have been doing so for the past 2 months and the results? Not much has changed.

Karma between people can be extremely heavy and complicated. Even though 10 minutes per day could be a reasonable amount for this situation – it might not be enough. My tip here would be: Step it up to 15 minutes a day and make use of Omri-Tas’ dispensation, which will multiply your decrees by the power of 10! If you don’t know anything about this heavenly gift, check out the video “Why use the Violet Flame at least 15 minutes per day?”, which is popping up in the upper right corner of your screen right now.


Let’s say you have been working on improving your business or selling more books in your bookstore. For weeks you have been invoking the violet flame every second day, or maybe it was every third day, but you don’t see any results. What’s wrong with the violet flame?

Nothing! You just need to step up your consistency. Like with everything in life, you just need to make a decision and then stick to it and be consistent. Working on a problem on and off is not likely to bring you the results you want. You need to dedicate a certain amount of time to the violet flame every day to see results. The more time you spend and the more focused you are while decreeing, the better and the faster you’ll see results!


Perhaps you have an anxiety issue and are working on it with the violet flame. Even though the decrees calm you down while decreeing, in your everyday life not much has changed. You thought you just had to do violet flame decrees and then everything would change for the better, but it hasn’t. “Does this even work?” you’re wondering.

Yes, it does, but there are cases where you need a little bit more than the violet flame. The violet flame helps you transmute psychological patterns and frees you from karma. However, if you want to work on specific issues in your psychology, it would be very advisable to also work with a psychologist. He or she could give you tips and exercises to train your brain to be less anxious. For example, in this case meditation would be an excellent tool.

You may also have been subconsciously oblivious to friends giving you the right advice or to noticing a specific book that could help you in the bookstore you visited yesterday, because you only opened the door to the violet flame while leaving all other doors closed. You need to be open to new opportunities and to the most important thing: to be proactive. The violet flame helps lower the hurdle, it shows you opportunities where there were none before, and a 2-meter jump won’t feel like that anymore. It might just feel like a 30-centimeter jump. So, if for instance you were super nervous and anxious about speaking to strangers, you now actually might feel like you want to speak to them. But you still need to respond to the impulse. You still need to ride the wave. Life is full of opportunities – and it is up to you to make good use of them or not!


Here’s a different kind of example. Let’s say you have this super annoying colleague at work who always wants to talk to you. He’s uncool, a bit smelly, and just weird. You don’t like to be close to him but you also don’t want to push him away because he’s lonely and nobody ever talks to him. You decide to put the whole thing into the violet flame and get rid of his attentions that way.

However, the situation doesn’t change. He now wants to talk to you even more! What’s going on?

Well, this can be a karmic situation and yes, while the violet flame works for transmuting that karma, in every karmic situation there’s a lesson your soul needs to learn. It might be that in this case you have to learn to be patient and tolerant and see someone’s soul instead of their outer self. It could be that in another lifetime, you have severely bullied this person and now you must find a loving solution to resolving your karma with him. Your soul might have to learn how to love and tolerate other people, even when they are not your cup of a tea. The violet flame will keep working on these psychological changes under the surface and then you will eventually see results, and your karmic ties to this person will resolve at some point – but you know what? At that point you might not even want to sever the tie anymore because you have actually learned to love and appreciate this person!

Emotional Balance

Okay, here comes another example. Perhaps you have a serious disease such as cancer and have been fighting it for some time. You believe deeply that you can be healed and your last hope is the violet flame. You’ve been using the violet flame for some time and you feel better when you give it, but you also feel like you’re not progressing towards healing. The cancer is still there and threatens your life every day. You wonder what you are doing wrong.

First of all, some things take time. Having cancer is a severe chronic disease, and in most cases these kinds of diseases aren’t cured overnight. In some cases, the disease may have progressed so far that it is no longer curable, no matter what we do, and we have to make our peace with the fact that we will soon be called to leave the physical form behind. But if it is curable, you just need to keep invoking the violet flame daily for as much time as possible.

Secondly, every illness has an emotional cause – this might be conscious or subconscious and you may have absolutely no clue about what is making you sick. Besides, having a severe illness like cancer takes an emotional toll, so dealing with the emotional element in some form of counseling or therapy would be really important. Bring light to all the places in your life that are sad and dark. Explore what is making your body want to give up. Understand what psychological changes you need to make to become healthy again. The more insights you have, the more you can put into the violet flame and the more you can transmute behavioral patterns that might have made you sick. I recommend that you call daily to the ascended masters of your choice and ask them for their support. Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael are specialized in healing and Kuthumi is a master psychologist. They can give you great inner guidance. Of course, when using the violet flame, you can always call to Saint Germain as well.


You’re working on expanding your business and put your hopes and dreams in the violet flame. You’ve been doing this for a while but are just not seeing any progress. You’re about to give up and throw in the towel. This just doesn’t work!

Hold on – don’t throw anything yet. Many people give up shortly before materializing what they want. Heaven could well be a storehouse for relationships, cars, houses, jewelry, money, etc., because these things that people wanted to attract to themselves were already on the way to them but then they gave up and stopped what they were doing in their materialization process. And then what happens? When you give up, the universe retreats. Instead, when you have enough determination to push through the desire to want to give up, you can actually reach a higher place than where you were before: stronger, more resilient, and more focused. And that’s just what you might need in this moment. The simple answer is: do not give up. Never give up! Keep on keeping on, as Saint Germain says, and your dreams will materialize, especially if those dreams help you further along on the spiritual path. Nobody said it’s going to be easy– but yes, you can attain whatever you want and the violet flame WILL BE helping you with that!


Lastly, we need to have faith in the violet flame. If we invoke it with a half-hearted belief that this may or may not work for us, we are essentially sabotaging our own ability to recognize and benefit from anything that the violet flame will bring us. The antidote is to set our doubts aside for a period of time and to simply give the violet flame a 100% chance to prove its value to us—and it will!

Whatever situation you are dealing with or feel stuck with – ask the violet flame angels for help. Ask them to show you the steps you need to take to solve your issue or fulfill your dreams and keep using the violet flame as much and as often as possible. It is a spiritual super weapon that can solve any problem in this world, this is my conviction and experience. And don’t forget to take action when action taking is necessary!

If the violet flame has not yet worked for you start implementing my suggestions and I’m sure you will change your life with the violet flame!

Are you wondering how to invoke the violet flame? Check out my video “The Violet Flame Mantra – Beginners” that is popping up in the upper right corner right now!

Questions or comments?

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Why You Need Protection When Using the Violet Flame

Have you ever thought about having to protect yourself when using the violet flame? In this video I’ll explain why you definitely need to protect yourself when invoking spiritual light!

Let’s say you have a lot of money and love gold jewelry. You don’t particularly like to show off, but you just love it so much that you wear as much gold jewelry as possible. That may not be without risk, because everybody can see that you have money and lots of jewelry. At one point you may want to have somebody protecting you – like a bodyguard – because the more wealth you have and show to other people, the more you’ll attract those that want to take it from you.

The same thing happens when you invoke the violet flame! There are many evil spirits out there that would want to steal that precious light from you. That’s why you need protection!

I’ll tell you in a moment how to protect yourself but first….

… let me explain in more detail why it is necessary to protect yourself and from whom or what you’re actually protecting yourself.

When you give violet flame decrees, that means you invoke light and energy. What happens with that light? Well, part of it is sent out into the world to wherever you direct it. The rest is stored in your aura and chakras, which gradually become lighter and brighter. This light can be seen by those who dwell in the invisible planes—both good and bad beings—and guess what? Having more light in your own forcefield makes you very valuable to many entities and demons that would love to get that light. They cannot survive without energy but can’t invoke it from heaven themselves, so they need to take it from people in embodiment in order to keep on existing.

However, they can only steal it from you when you misqualify the energy you’ve invoked. What does that mean? Let’s say you’ve just invoked the violet flame for 15 minutes and your whole aura is violet flame shiny and super loaded with energy. Then the phone rings. It’s your uncle who is a very negative person and you always fight with him. It’s not different this time and quickly, triggered by his voice and words, you get angry at him, say some things you later wished you hadn’t said, and hang up.

Being angry is a misqualification of God’s energy. It’s something negative, something God doesn’t want. The moment you feel this anger rising up in your emotional world and expressing itself via your throat and mouth, the protective seal of harmony is broken and the light you just invoked is spilled out of your being as misqualified light. That’s when the dark beings that hover in the atmosphere rush in to absorb the energy you’ve just thrown out of your forcefield. It’s like the energy you’ve invoked is stored in a kind of balloon and the momentary anger is like a needle that is stuck into it and makes it burst, so the energy is dispersed. The entities are there to suck it up and go have fun with it.

When you use the violet flame and store all that pure energy in your forcefield, you make yourself very attractive to these evil beings. In fact, they will use tricks to make you lose your harmony so they can drain you of your light. In order to keep these situations from happening and prevent losing the energy you have invoked, you need to protect yourself.

At this point you may be wondering where this protection is going to come from! Well, there are two kinds of protection that I’ll cover in a moment. But first, a quick reminder that when you invoke protection, this doesn’t mean that you will never feel negative emotions such as anger, jealousy or hatred ever again. These are normal human feelings that just don’t go away overnight. You might actually be tempted to express more of these feelings and get more “uncle tests” to prove to God that you’re worthy of invoking his energy and keeping it pure and using it only for constructive purposes. That’s all part of walking a spiritual path, so nothing to worry about. Just keep working on staying positive and expanding the light in your being.

OK, let’s talk about protection techniques. As I said, there are two kinds we can learn to use. 

The first kind is simply to strengthen your forcefield with impenetrable white light. The ascended masters have given us the thoughtform of a large cylinder of intense white light that we place around our physical form. They call it the “Tube of Light” and it looks like this… (picture is shown in video). The Tube of Light descends from the heart of the Great God Self that is above you and completely envelops you in its protective light.

We can invoke this tube of light around us by giving a short decree called “The Tube of Light.” 

Let me read it for you:

Tube of Light

Beloved I AM Presence bright,
Round me seal your Tube of Light
From Ascended Master flame
Called forth now in God’s own name.
Let it keep my temple free
From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth Violet Fire
To blaze and transmute all desire,
Keeping on in Freedom’s name
Till I AM one with the Violet Flame.


SOURCE: Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Prayers Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation, Summit Publications. Copyright © 1962 Summit Publications, Inc.

As with other decrees, we give it three times to amplify its power. While giving it, we stand to honor the God within us, and also so we can better visualize ourselves standing in the tube of light. You can visualize the Tube of Light as 9 feet in diameter, which is about 2.75m. Because this decree immediately seals you in a protective forcefield, this is THE foundational decree that you will want to do before you give any other decrees.

Let’s give it together, three times, and you’re welcome to stand when you give it:

Tube of Light

Beloved I AM Presence bright,
Round me seal your Tube of Light
From Ascended Master flame
Called forth now in God’s own name.
Let it keep my temple free
From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth Violet Fire
To blaze and transmute all desire,
Keeping on in Freedom’s name
Till I AM one with the Violet Flame. (3x)

Great. So this is the first kind of protection. The second kind has been well-known throughout history: we can invoke protection from God’s angels, who have the special assignment to help us, guide us, and keep us safe. That’s why you will want an angel by your side at all times!

There is an entire class of protection angels that we call blue flame angels, because they work on the blue ray of protection, faith and the Will of God. Their powerful leader is Archangel Michael, the great defender of the children of the light. Archangel Michael and his blue flame angels are able to interfere in dangerous situations and help and protect us from anything imaginable when needed. However, there’s a catch. Because we have free will, they may only interfere when we ask them for help.

So how do we invoke Archangel Michael’s protection? We can do this with a short decree that is called “Traveling Protection.” It’s a great decree to give when you’re on the road or at any time when you quickly need protection. Here it is:

Traveling Protection

Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind,
Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left,
Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below,
Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!

I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here!

SOURCE: Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Prayers Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation, Summit Publications. Copyright © 1962 Summit Publications, Inc.

As you can see, this decree invokes Archangel Michael all around us, so that is what you want to visualize when you give it.

It’s good to give this decree three times or in multiples of three.

If you’re in a situation where you want this great heavenly being to protect you – for example, you’re walking alone through town at night and are not feeling completely safe – just give this decree 3, 6, 9, 12, or more times and Archangel Michael will be right by your side! By God’s Law the call compels the answer, so whenever you ask an angelic being to help you, they must respond in some way.

By the way: You can also give this decree to invoke protection for someone else. Just say a short prayer to Archangel Michael, such as, “Beloved Archangel Michael, I ask you to protect my parents who are driving down Highway 17 from Flagstaff to Phoenix, Arizona, right now,” —the more specific the better—and then you give the decree for them while you visualize Archangel Michael all around them.

Alright, let’s give this decree together 3 times:

Traveling Protection

Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind,
Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left,
Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below,
Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!

I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here! (3x)

Now that you know how to protect yourself, I strongly recommend giving these decrees every time before you invoke the violet flame! Invoking the angels only takes a few minutes but can have a HUGE impact on your life.

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If you want to know how to invoke the violet flame, start with a simple violet flame mantra that I explain in the video that’s popping up in the upper right corner right now. VIDEO: VIOLET FLAME BEGINNER MANTRA

Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!

Violet Flame Meditation

Today, I am inviting you to come with me on a journey to a very special violet flame retreat: the Cathedral of The Violet Flame, which is situated in the etheric realm over the Rocky Mountains in the United States of America. We can travel there in our finer bodies when we sleep—but today, we’re going to go there in a guided meditation.

Let’s begin by relaxing our body and mind. I invite you to close your eyes now. Take a few deep breaths and center in your heart… Imagine how your heart is filled with the violet flame …  Feel how all the sorrows and burdens that press down on your heart are being consumed by the violet transmuting flame… Feel how every cell of your heart is filled with the ever-loving mercy flame. … Feel a calmness and lightness come over you… This is the joy of the violet flame.

Take a moment now to silently invite the ascended master Saint Germain to be with you during this meditation. …

Now ask your Holy Christ Self and Archangel Michael to protect and guide you during this meditation and enfold you in their arms of love. …

Take another deep breath… Feel how your lungs are being filled with the violet flame and feel how the violet flame bathes every single cell of this precious organ.

Now imagine your whole body being filled with the violet flame.

Say the following mantra aloud or silently in your heart:

I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires. (3x)

Now feel the presence of two beautiful, loving violet flame angels who are standing by your side. Feel their heavenly radiance and realize how much they love you.

Take their hands now and let them guide you to the Cathedral of The Violet Flame. Let go of everything that is burdening you and just be in the moment.

Feel how you’re moving with them in your etheric body. Trust them and know that they’re here to help you and love you.

Slowly you are approaching the Violet Flame Cathedral, which stands in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. See how this impressive Cathedral emanates an intense light of violet flame rays. The energy around you feels like the most energizing atmosphere you’ve ever experienced. Visualize hundreds of violet flame angels surrounding the Cathedral and send them your loving thought.

You have now arrived at the doorstep of the Cathedral. Your two guardian angels take their leave of you; they will be waiting for you here. You stand in front of giant violet flame doors. Slowly they swing open. You walk inside… and feel how every cell of your body is saturated with the violet flame rays emanating from the inner sanctum of this beautiful house of God.

Inside, you can see many violet-flame angels. They are tending the flame of sacred fire on the altar….

The cathedral is enormous. There seems to be no end and no beginning. You look at the central altar. It is a focus of jade – a gift from the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple. This jade was placed there to help mankind heal and remove the cause and core of all struggle that produces disease in the body and the soul.

The focuses of light in this Cathedral are jewels of amethyst and violet crystals that were brought here from the Violet Planet. Feel their healing and loving energies radiate out to you 

Sense how the violet flame flushes every atom of your body with light. It cleanses and purifies you and frees you from all negativity that has accumulated in your body. Feel the mercy flame move through your fingers …, hands …, arms …, head …, chest …, belly …, legs … and feet. … Feel your toes tingling with violet flame.

Deeply inhale these profound violet flame energies. Drink in the violet flame so that every part of your body is filled with this violet miracle remedy. Notice how your whole body feels free and light.

…. … …

Now that you are saturated with violet flame, return to the entrance of the Cathedral.  … Let the beautiful violet flame angels who brought you here take you by the hand and guide you back to your physical body.

Slowly you are feeling yourself coming back into your body. Focus on your heart and feel the violet flame energizing you. Feel in the increased strength and happiness that permeate your entire being.

Take a moment now to silently thank Saint Germain, the angels and your Higher Self for their help on this journey.

When you are ready, take a deep breath, move your arms and legs and open your eyes.

Now that you know how to travel to the Cathedral of the Violet Flame, I invite you to go there often to experience the miracle light of the violet flame!

Welcome to my YouTube Channel!

My name is Simone and I’m a big fan of the violet flame, a spiritual fire that can change your life. I found the violet flame in 2018 when beginning my spiritual journey. When I started using the violet flame daily, I wasn’t aware yet of how powerful it truly is! I just believed what the ascended masters taught about it and tried it, and have been in awe of its miracle power ever since.

I really fell in love with the violet flame in 2020 when I used it every day for about an hour to survive my days – I was chronically ill and my doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Because of the violet flame I was able to live through this trying time and have a “normal” life, as much as was possible at the time. That’s behind me now and I can truly say I am thriving with the help of the violet flame.

The first video I recorded for this YouTube channel was a gift from my heart to the ascended master Saint Germain. He is the first ascended master I learned about – there are many others but Saint Germain was the first master I connected with, and because of his teachings about the violet flame I really grew a lot, both spiritually and personally. So, I wanted to share my story of how he found me and tell the world about him! Because I love the violet flame so much, in 2021 I decided to dedicate my channel to this spiritual super weapon and share the knowledge and experience I have gained with as many people as possible.

I’d like to inspire all of you to start or keep using the violet flame and build the lives you dream about with the help of this spiritual energy. So, I’ll continue with my mission and hope to reach all of the one million lightbearers that El Morya, Saint Germain and other ascended masters are looking for—including you!

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Violet Flame for Depression

According to the World Health Organization, 280 million people worldwide are depressed ( That is a huge number of people!  I am not a psychologist or counselor so I won’t go into the clinical aspects of depression—I am not qualified to do so—but I’m going to cover what depression is from a spiritual perspective, what happens to your chakras when you are depressed, and how the violet flame can help with depression.

Many of us know what depression is. You may know someone who is depressed, you may be dealing with depression yourself right now, or may have experienced depression at some point in the past. It is present everywhere but most people don’t speak about it. Let’s take a look at the spiritual perspective on depression and what you can do spiritually to restore a sense of optimism and well-being!

I believe that we all know to a certain extent what depression is, in the usual sense of the word. But most of us have not heard the spiritual explanation of what takes place when people get depressed, so let’s take a look at that.

The ascended master El Morya has defined depression as follows:

“Depression is a few steps removed from death. It is a negative spiral. It sets the entire body up for negativity. And that negativity results in a disintegration spiral when the soul no longer has the will to live, to fight, to rejoice and to defeat every enemy of the light within her being.”


(, Vol. 47 No. 26 – Beloved El Morya – June 27, 2004 – The Dedication of the Chapel of the Threefold Flame of Liberty Part 2)

You may have heard of the upward spiral of the ascension. The ascension is our ultimate goal: Our reunion with our Mighty I AM Presence, also called our Divine Self, which sets us free from the rounds of karma and rebirth.

El Morya said that depression is “a negative spiral.” This means the spiral is not going up but down. It brings you closer to non-being and ultimately to death. This is the opposite of ascending towards heaven!

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, messenger of the ascended masters from 1961 to her retirement in 1999, explained that at the spiritual level of our being, depression is actually a depression of the chakras. Normally they are filled with light, but when we become depressed, our chakras become concave or hollow. She said: “They collapse by the pressure of the mass consciousness and the astral plane.”


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Community: A Journey to the Heart of Spiritual Community (p. 10). The Summit Lighthouse Library. Kindle Edition.

The mass consciousness is the collective consciousness and subconscious of all of mankind. It’s like a kind of huge field of consciousness, both above and below the surface of awareness, that we all live in, like it or not.

The astral plane is one of the four energy fields of the earth. There’s the etheric plane, which is the purest, highest vibrating energy field on this planet; this is where the ascended masters and the angels reside. Below that level in vibration is the mental plane, where thinking and idea formation take place. Below that is the astral plane, which is the realm of our drives, emotions and desires, both good and not so good. You can imagine that this is a pretty polluted place. And the lowest vibrating plane is the physical plane, where we find all of the material things that surround us, as well as our own physical bodies.

So, Mrs. Prophet said that our chakras can collapse under the unwholesome pressures of the astral plane and the mass consciousness.

She went on to explain that this can cause two issues, spiritually speaking:

  1. Your chakras lose energy and spin weakly, which makes your brain fuzzy and confused.
  2. The energy of your heart-chakra becomes misqualified, which can express itself through irritation or anger. This causes you to lose your attunement with your Higher Self and begin to drift away from God and your own Divine Self.

We may not be consciously aware that this is happening, but our soul knows it and becomes depressed under the weight of this alienation from our divine Source.

So, what can we do to counteract depression and find relief from it?

First of all, if you experience chronic depression, there is no way around getting therapy. You need professional help! Find an expert you can trust and who can help you with the psychological aspects of depression. Please don’t ignore this point. If you need help, make sure you get it!

Also, a good and balanced diet will help you, since feelings of depression can set in when we don’t eat well and take in dense substances that weigh down our spirit and our soul.

Spiritually speaking, the ascended masters say that you need a thrust of positive energy through your chakras to force out the depressing energies. They say that it takes a strong effort to do this, but it can be accomplished by intense fiats and calls to the masters.

A fiat is a short, authoritative command that uses the name of God. For example: “Archangel Michael, in the name I AM THAT I AM, take command of this energy of depression!”

Here’s a great example of another fiat you can use to tackle depression: “O God, you are so magnificent!”

As simple as this fiat is, it’s very powerful. What you are doing when you say this out loud a number of times is affirming the beauty and power of the reality of God in your life. This immediately changes your energy field and gives it a positive spin, and pulls you up to a better place in consciousness. Try it and you’ll see what I mean!

You can also give simple fiats that confirm your own divine reality, such as “I AM a child of the Light” or “In the name of my Real Self, I AM unmoved by anything that tries to depress my energy.”

Another thing you can do is make a call. A call is like a prayer– a spoken request to heaven where you ask for help. It is usually also quite short. A call could be something like this: “Archangel Michael, in the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self I ask you to protect my forcefield from depressing energies and help me stay above the negativity that is trying to pull me off-center. Cut me free and realign me with the light of my being!”

And now we come to the most important part of this video: How can the violet flame help you with depression?

When the violet flame passes through your body, your atoms and electrons accelerate. Since the violet flame clears away astral substance that is lodged in your body at the atomic level, they can spin faster and contain more light.  This also means that your chakras accelerate. Because everything is “quickened,” so to say, or made more alive, many violet flame users feel very happy and light-hearted after invoking the violet flame. It gives you the opposite feeling of a depression; it pulls you up, closer to God.

From my own experience I can tell you that it is not easy to bring yourself to do anything when you are feeling depressed.  To give 15 minutes of violet flame decrees seems to be a small thing for someone who is feeling good, but when you don’t even have energy or motivation to get out of bed or to eat, it seems almost impossible to get yourself to do anything else.

So what to do? If all you can get yourself to do is whisper a prayer, that’s what you do. Just pray to the ascended masters, such as, “Beloved Saint Germain, I am stuck in a depressing place in my consciousness where I don’t want to stay. Please help me get out of this situation.” Ask God for help. Ask the angels for help. If it is your sincere desire to get out of the doldrums, God will help you.

And then, after you have prayed for help, give a violet flame mantra such as “I AM a Being of Violet Fire; I AM the Purity God Desires!” As the violet flame enters your being, the change process will be set in motion.

So, whatever violet flame decree or mantra you choose to work with, it will help in some way to get you going again. Just remember that it is important to give the decree or mantra aloud, so you can experience the physical effects of it and get your atoms and cells and chakras going again!

I think this part was pretty easy to understand. Now, what can you visualize when invoking the violet flame to deal with depression?

It really depends on why you feel depressed. There are different motives and reasons.

Let’s say you have no clue what’s going on. You just feel bad and don’t want to do anything. In this case you just imagine yourself standing in the violet flame. Just feel the violet fire moving through your body and pulling you up – mentally and physically.

Let’s assume you’re depressed because you lost your job, have been applying for other jobs but nothing is happening. You don’t know how to pay your rent. You don’t know what the future will bring. Man, you don’t even know how to pay for food tomorrow. In this case, create a mental picture of having everything you need: your dream job, enough money, enough food, enough of everything. Visualize and feel yourself being happy and fulfilled. Whatever good things you can visualize and feel intensely in your emotional body will materialize at some point!

Another hypothetical scenario: Your girlfriend broke up with you. The two of you wanted to get married. You wanted children. She was THE ONE. And now everything is over. You really feel like there’s absolutely no more reason on this earth to live for.

I totally understand this kind of thinking and feeling. A break-up can be one of the most devastating life changes and very difficult to come to grips with. So what can you do spiritually?

Well, initially you could just visualize yourself in the violet flame. When you feel a bit better, you can begin to think about what it is you want from life after this big change. Imagine yourself in happy situations – whatever these may be. It could be being with your family, walking in nature, or playing with your little nieces. It doesn’t matter. You want to train your brain, with the help of the violet flame, to produce endorphins and feel good again – find the little things in life that make it worth living. Eventually, once you’re ready for a relationship again, visualize yourself with a new partner. Imagine what he or she is like, what he or she looks like, etc., which can act as a magnet to draw the right person to you.

Another reason people get depressed could be the world situation we’re in right now – COVID, COVID everywhere, with all the restrictions this has imposed upon us. One would think that by now it would all be over, and in some places there’s hopeful change, but in other places it still seems to be getting worse. Wherever you look, you may see bad stuff happening. Families breaking apart because they disagree on getting the vaccine or not; whole nations getting divided because of this. People are being forced, against their will, to do things they do not want to do. People get bullied and belittled because they make different decisions than the majority. Fanaticism increases. Intolerance. Anger. Frustration. Physical abuse and rebellion. In the midst of all of this, there you are. Wondering where God is; what is happening in this world. You don’t understand. You just want peace. Can all of this not stop? You may feel badly depressed, helpless perhaps, and you may feel fearful about the future. What will all of this lead to?

The first step in this situation – and it has nothing to do with the violet flame – is that you need to get yourself out of that relentless steamroller of depressing news. You may have to stop watching the news and reading the newspapers for a while. I am not saying we should be oblivious to what’s happening in the world but if we become depressed from everything that’s going on, it’s good to take a break from it. We need to focus back on ourselves and our own well-being.

Once you start using the violet flame, you can imagine the world you would wish to see around you. Imagine people laughing together, loving, hugging, being one. Imagine God being in the midst of all of us and within all of us. Imagine what the perfect world would be like. Imagine whatever makes you happy and fulfilled. Visualize the opposite of what you’re seeing right now. When you do this for a certain amount of time, with a pure desire, you will attract these things into your life. Distract yourself from the negativity that’s happening around you and focus on something positive. You may want to find a new hobby, which could include helping other people. This way you will feel empowered and back in control. And that’s the important point here. Your life is your own but because of all the negative things that are happening around you, in the mass consciousness, you begin to feel like things are out of your control. But they’re not. You are always in control of your own energy field and consciousness, if you make the effort. You can always do something. There’s always a solution!

What if someone in your family is suffering from depression? And of course, if they are badly or chronically depressed, make sure they get professional help. But how else can you help them? You do the spiritual job for them. Imagine them surrounded by violet flame, and flooded with those most uplifting energies – out of their dark cave. This will help them begin to pull themselves out of it.

The violet flame can help you best when you use it regularly and intensely. Use it as often as you can. Ask God for help every day!

The violet flame was called “the drug of the century” by Elohim Arcturus and Victory, two very, very important beings of light. Why would they call it a drug, in the sense of a medicine?

The ascended master El Morya said the following:

“As you begin to use the violet flame, you will experience feelings of joy, lightness, hope, and newness of life as though clouds of depression were being dissolved by the very sun of your own being. And the oppression of the very dark, dank energies of human bondage literally melts in the fervent heat of freedom’s violet fires.”


Well, that sounds like powerful medicine and the violet flame really acts just like that! It just makes you happy –but without any side effects!

So, if you aren’t working with the violet flame yet, start using it today. Get professional help if you need it, and supplement it with applying the violet flame to feelings of depression and hopelessness. Do this every day this for as long as necessary and you will see the wonderful results of this spiritual super weapon!

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If you want to learn more about the violet flame, check out my video: The Violet Flame – A Spiritual Super Weapon, which is linked below this video.

Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!

Violet Flame Experience Interview with Valerie McBride

Hi everyone,

A while ago I asked my viewers on my Instagram and Facebook pages for your opinions and suggestions for additional violet flame topics you are interested in. One response was that you wanted to hear about other people’s experiences with the violet flame! So, I took the opportunity to ask a friend of mine to be interviewed and she agreed. Enjoy watching this interview with Valerie McBride!

Hello Valerie! Thank you so much for doing on an interview with me about the violet flame and your experience! Maybe you can introduce yourself to my audience.

Sure, I’d be happy to Simone. Well, again my name is Valerie McBride and I have been studying these teachings about the violet flame for a very long time, actually since I was in my twenties. I won’t tell you how old I am now but it’s been a long time and I have a background in education and I live in Bozeman. Montana. That’s the beautiful picture that you see behind me… that my husband took this picture as we were hiking in the mountains. So it’s been just a wonderful place to live in; a wonderful place to experience violet flame as well.

Sounds very nice. There’s a lot of mountains in Montana, yes.

Yes, there are.

Lots of good energy!

The Rocky Mountains – the mighty Rocky Mountains, that’s right.

Yes. So how did you get to know the violet flame?

Yeah. Well, my spiritual journey actually started quite early. I was about 16 and I started reading a book about the “Autobiography of a Yogi”, which is one of my favorite books and from there I just kept on exploring, exploring until I found about The Summit Lighthouse that was teaching about the violet flame! And at first it sounded really strange like how can violet color transmute things, you know. So I thought well okay the best way to really make this real, to find out if this is real is to experiment with it. And so I thought I’ll just start experimenting and at first it was just a little bit… Maybe I would, you know, invoke the violet flame for maybe 5 minutes a day or so and just experience it and I was finding that I was actually feeling lighter, happier, more joyful. And then it was lifting me up; it was also helping me physically as well. I actually felt the physical improvement with the violet flame. So that’s how I started getting into it and had been practicing it since.

Did you also find other teachings about the violet flame or did you find straightly the teachings of The Summit Lighthouse and just stuck with it?

Yeah, mainly from The Summit Lighthouse but and there are lots of other teachings. If you go to YouTube you’ll see that people around the world are really exploring and practicing the violet flame. I noticed that there’s a lot of people from South America also that are really using the violet flame, so it’s universal.

And do you use more mantras or decrees when you invoke the violet flame?

I would say it was just mantras because I was just starting and I didn’t really know how… I mean I know how to do mantras because I love the whole eastern tradition because my first book, like I said, was the “Autobiography of a Yogi” and from there I was just expanding my consciousness about what else is out there in this world. So I would say definitely the mantras was the first try for me.

And today, are you still sticking with the mantras or are you more prone to use decrees?

You know, I love the simple mantras. I find I’ve gone through periods of my life or I’ve done more of the decree work very intense that now I am finding that if I can use the mantra that it can penetrate much in deeper levels because I’m concentrating on that mantra over and over again that it becomes so physical and so real.

And I suppose you like singing as well or music?

If I could sing I would. I don’t have the best voice in the world, but … of course, the music is beautiful too.

Yeah. So you’ve been using the violet flame quite a lot or a long time and a lot probably.


What impact did the violet flame have on your life? What changes did you see?

Again I would say personally, you know, like I talked about physically… I felt better. I felt like my physical body was doing well and it is doing well through the years. I felt, like I said, lighter, I had more joy but I also began to experiment and work with it and use it in such a way that I can also apply it to my relationships, my family, my children and also to world situations and that was pretty amazing too.

So for example if you have an issue… whatever… relationship you just put it into the violet flame happening?

You see changes happening but you see changes but you also see that the other person in some magical way – and that’s what it is! You know, it’s like, you know, a magical alchemy of some sort – they also pick up on it. Even though they have no idea what’s happening. They have no idea was coming out of their mouths and yet they are able to experience it because I’ve experienced even though they don’t even know that I’ve been doing this, you know, I can tell because there is a change in them as well. And it could be something like the softening of the heart. You know, the heart just being more softened. It can be a little more love in their lives… it can be something easier that was really hard for that person… and I think that’s what’s the beauty of this violet flame. It’s not a selfish thing, you know. I mean, of course, we would just like to have it and use it for ourselves all day long because it’s like bathing in this light bath, you know. But I think that it’s more of a gift. It is a gift for humanity.

It is. It is a huge gift! I actually think it’s the biggest gift of the last century, this century… right?

I think you’re right.

Yeah… for all of us. Could you share a couple of examples of your experience with the violet flame? And this could be with you yourself, your personal experience, other people.

Sure, okay. Well I’m gonna tell you first of all one that was just so interesting and I’ll never forget this but this happened many years ago. My husband and I are from the Seattle area and we had a house there and our children and there was a day – it was a Saturday – and we decided to do some violet flame for the Seattle area, also for the Portland area and also California. So we were doing… we were concentrating on the West Coast. Okay… so that’s Washington, Oregon and California. And this was something we were doing with a group of other people, they were online. It was like in a Zoom situation although back then we didn’t have Zoom but it was a very similar situation, and so we were in our homes together and we started in the morning and we were going to send violet flame in, through and around everything that could possibly be happening… That was troublesome to mankind, you know, from crime to, you know, what’s happening with the children, educational systems and also actually working with situations that might cause earthquakes because Seattle is very prone to earthquakes, you know, there’s a lot of volcanos there, volcanic action… I actually in my younger years heard our mount Saint Helen’s when it blew, I was close enough, I could hear it. Yeah, it was amazing… it was amazing. I’ll never forget that, the sound of it… and so it was so much power! And you realize the power that’s in the earth and so you think okay that’s the power that’s been given us to from the universe… so in the sense, how can I use the violet flame to help counter act some of those things that may be coming… more earthquakes or who knows but I mean who knows what is coming upon the planet or where, whatever… So we spent the whole day doing this violet flame. My husband and I connected with other people on the computer and then, about dinner time, we decided oh, let’s grab something to eat. So we went out to get something to eat, we came back into the house and my children weren’t in the house that day, they were somewhere else, but when we came in the house. I opened the door. And. I walked in. And… there was this most amazing aroma, like this scent, like I was in a garden…


Yeah… I was like I was in a garden, and I thought oh my goodness what did I do? Did I leave one of my bottles of essential oil opened… is it my perfume? You know… what is it? Because I thought it was me… I thought I’ve done something… and so I ran upstairs into my bedroom, I looked all over, there were no essential bottles of oil… I love essential oils, you know, there are so beautiful. There was nothing open there, there was no perfume, there was nothing. And so I’m thinking… okay this is very strange. So then we walked into the living room and it was permeated in the living room, too, that’s where we were doing most of our prayers onto the violet flame and our mantra… then I went into the kitchen. I can smell the scent in there. So the whole upstairs was totally permeated with this amazing scent, this aroma, literally like a garden but it was something that I never smelled… it was heavenly. It was heavenly! So then, I thought okay the true test is I am going to go downstairs to my children’s bedrooms. Three teenage boys and with with their smelly sneakers, right? So I thought okay I’m going to go down there, I’m gonna open up their doors and if I smell this wonderful aroma I’m gonna be convinced that something magical has just happened to this house after doing a day of violet flame, okay? I go down there and open up their doors with their smelly, stinky sneakers all over the place and lo and behold it was down there, too. I was in their rooms, it was in the downstairs, it was in the whole house. The whole house was permeated with this beautiful, beautiful scent and so my husband I talked about it… we thought what could this be, what could have caused this, and then we thought, you know, it’s just got to be something magical, that like a little gift, maybe the violet flame angels or whatever… just dropped this and said hey, you know, you’ve been spending the whole day doing this, you did it, you know, to help mankind, to help the cities that you love so much, you know, Seattle and Portland and all of California and maybe they just said we’re gonna just give this to you. Now, I don’t know. I don’t know what caused it, I don’t know how it happened but I can tell you it was something very, very magical.

Wow, so your husband smelled it as well?


And did the scent stay for a specific period?

It was gone the next day. It was just that day. Just that night.


I was hoping it would be around the next day…


I know, forever! Yeah… but it was a scent that I had never… This smell was something I had never smelled it anywhere, you know, it was something that was so heavenly and so beyond what I would experience here on the planet, even though we have beautiful gardens and we have essential oils, we have all these wonderful things these days, perfumes and whatnot… that we all enjoy but this is beyond it.

And this is so interesting because I I’ve never heard anybody, you know, I heard people saying they can feel the violet flame physically, how they feel better, how they can… or even see the violet flame but smell? Wow! That is something very, very special!

It was special!


Yeah… so that was one experience and then there was another one that I have to say it was an equally amazing and this was… I was with a group of people that were part of The Summit Lighthouse and this was in a university setting and it was in Ukraine. And so there was a group of Europeans and some Russians and also Americans and Ukrainians and there’s was a beautiful setting that they had chosen to have this University and so I was invited and we went and one of the things that was happening there in that particular time period, this was in 2010, was that there was no rain for literally 90 days throughout the entire area. And it was bad. It was so dry, it was so very dry and so hot, uncomfortable, in fact it was so hot they were saying that, you know, some of the elderly people were… they had no air conditioning and they were dying and the morns were filled in some parts of Russia and Ukraine… and that’s how bad it was. And then, to top it off, fairly close to where we were staying, a little bit north, where the Chernobyl – remember the Chernobyl that went off years and years ago? -well, because there were so many fires going on because it was so extremely hot an the drought was terrible that… they were concerned that the fires would come towards Chernobyl and there would be a toxic cloud that would be released from that, so it was extremely dangerous. So everybody was really concerned. And the group decided they were going to violet flame this whole situation. So this was the most persistent group of people I’ve… they were amazing and they would get up very early in the morning and they would start doing the violet flame for the precious, we call them the elementals or the nature spirits, and for bringing down more violet flame into every situation to release this 90 days worth of drought, you know. So there could be some rain, so anyway, they did this for the entire week – we were there for entire week – and at the end of the week there are some nice little rituals and closing experiences and music and whatnot and at the very last hour of the last day of that particular event… All of a sudden we hear… crackling… outside. And we hear something really loud going on and everybody runs to the doors and opens the doors and the rains had come after 90 days and they were so intense… I mean it was just like a downpour and beautiful it was so beautiful, you know, everybody was so happy, people were… you know… had tears in their eyes. Because I mean just to spend a whole week, you know, praying for this and not having any rain for 90 days, and all of the sudden there it is… So everybody was really grateful but I have to tell you, here’s where it gets amazing, so after everything was done and we finish out our event, afterwards one of the Russians came to me and said to me in his Russian voice: “Valerie, Valerie! Did you, did you know that there was this is the only place there was rain in the whole town?”


He said that there was a gentleman that was walking through the city where we were at and he came into this particular fellow and sad why is there rain over this part of the city and nowhere else. He says, I just walked from the end, once part of the town to the other and there’s rain here and there is puddles of water left now just, you can see because of a sunshiny afterwards, and why, you know, what has just happened? Why is it just here and nowhere else in town? And so afterwards everybody went and watched the news, to see if they were talking about all the rain, and there was no news reporting at all of any rain. They had no reports whatsoever that there had been rain in that area. So, again, you know, I wished it would’ve lasted longer for the people there and because everybody was under so much stress with it and, you know, that drought… But on the other hand, I wondered if it was almost like a testimony to the people that if you give the violet flame, if you do this, I will give you… I will show you something and I will show you the results and even if it was just for the people there and for the people in their immediate area, maybe that’s what was supposed to happen. Maybe that’s what the universe was telling everybody there that, you know, thank you and the violet flame angels “Thank you for giving this and keep it up, keep it up!” You know… you keep your persistence up. So it was beautiful.. it was all I can say it was… it was just an amazing thing and it really… when these things happen and to you in your life and you get these insides of, you know, the violet flame, it really changes you and that gives you hope and it gives you hope for all of mankind, it gives you hope for every weather condition. When you think about the fires that are happening… we’ve had so many terrible fires here in United States on the West Coast and, you know, you think about these things… there is hope for people. Just give the violet flame! It works!

This is another very physical example that you’re telling… that’s amazing! And I’d call it definitely a miracles. And miracles are possible and with the violet flame they are even more possible than without I’d say…. Wow, great. I am amazed by these examples and I’m very, very sure and you’re gonna expire… inspire, excuse me, many, many more people who are going to watch this interview, you just… use the violet flame or get started if they haven’t yet. Do you have any more examples or?

Well, those are the two big ones in my life… I mean, of course there’s other examples of just like I mentioned earlier just physically feeling much better… feeling joyful. I mean, you know, if you get in a real rut with somebody… I remember… this is of embarrassing to say on YouTube but I’ll say it anyway.

It’s going to help people!

I know… This is a good example but my husband I were just a little upset with each other one day and over something… something petty, you know, it’s always these little petty, stupid, little things, and we came in and we sat down, we decided well let’s do some violet flame. You know, we were kind of growling at each other and grumpy with each other, you know, and we did about 15 minutes of violet flame and we were literally laughing after 15 minutes… We were like… laughing and, you know, we were like almost like giggling together and laughing and, you know, and and, you know, it was just… I couldn’t believe it! Like how can I just go from being so grumpy to suddenly, you know, with him and him with me to suddenly we’re just sitting there looking at each other like, you know, little children like just in love, you know. After 15 minutes of violet flame…

That reminds me actually of the same example that I had as well with a friend… we also had, I don’t know, an argument and then we decided to do just a little bit of violet flame together, we did, and afterwards everything was perfect… You know, you’re just like… this was nothing… why am I even upset? And like everything within you changes and it’s beautiful if you have a partner but that you can do this with.

Do you have any tips maybe for my viewers that are just getting started on the violet flame?

I would start very slowly and simply with the mantra “I AM and being violet fire, I am the purity God desires.” and give that but there’s so much more to it. Of course, you know, and you talk about this on your channel, about the visualization and really feeling it… It has to be dynamic. You just can’t lip the words. If you’re gonna lip the words, don’t do it. Yeah, you just have to put yourself and your full being into it. And know that there are miracles that are being worked, as you’re getting it and have that hope in that sense of expectancy that something is going to happen into your world and things will change. I think that expectation is really important and of course the visualization, a really intense visualization, just really seeing and feeling it… really feeling it in your being… all of that is what makes the difference. At least to me, what’s helped me the most.

And some people that are just getting started with the violet flame are telling me, you know, it’s so hard to visualize myself in the violet flame or even situations, you know, relationships, whatever it is you want to work on, but I feel like, at least this is what it was like for me… in the beginning it’s hard because it’s something new. You usually don’t do it, or I didn’t do it before but then, you know, you do it every day or, you know, very frequently and you get better at it and better at it and at one point it just becomes normal, it just becomes part of the process. Yeah. And I’m just thinking of this now you’re very familiar with crystals, I believe, as well.

Yes. Crystals is something else that can be used. The violet flame can actually penetrate into the crystals, especially an amethyst crystal… and… Yeah, the amethyst crystals are very well known for that because they’re the purple-violet color, right? And so, you just take the crystal, and you can bless the crystal and… with your hands… and then send the violet flame into it and it becomes a chalice for the violet flame if you want to use it in different parts of your home as well.

That is a beautiful tip because I haven’t thought of that yet. Yes, crystals… absolutely. They have a very, you know, lots of power and they can probably change a lot energetically speaking and vibrationally speaking…

Right, you know what’s really interesting Simone and I’ve been thinking about this a lot because I’ve been studying a lot about health and whatnot but now the big thing is to eat anything that’s purple. Like purple cab…

No, really! They say it’s one of the best things you can eat like purple cabbage, those purple onions, you know, are supposed to be really good and good for Quercetin and are supposed to be high in all these different vitamins that are supposed to help your body… especially if you are afraid of COVID or whatnot and so anything that’s purple seems to be the new thing that you’re supposed to eat. And I’m wondering whether there’s a connection here.

For sure there is! For sure! That’s good to know though I haven’t heard that before yet.


Great… Well, Valerie, thank you so, so much for sharing your experience with my viewers. I’m very grateful for you having taken the time to do this and all the best to you!

Thank you so much and all the best to you and your viewers as well.

Thank you.


Help Nature Spirits with the Violet flame! Video 1/4 – Salamanders

Did you know that there are nature spirits who assist mankind on planet earth? They need our help urgently! Please keep watching to learn how you can help them with the violet flame.

There are four kinds of nature spirits, also called elementals, who tend to the nature processes of planet earth. They are the beings of fire, air, water and earth. Today we will talk about the fiery salamanders, who serve the fire element. I’ll explain why they need our help so urgently and how you can help them!

Did you know that you can develop a relationship with the elementals and work actively with them? I’ll let you in on the secret of how to do that in just a second.

Most people can’t see elementals. This doesn’t mean though that they do not exist! Elementals help with building, repairing and maintaining the earth. Many elementals live hundreds and even thousands of years. Elementals are not immortal because they were created like all growing things, for example like plants and trees. However, elementals do have consciousness.

This might be very surprising, but elementals marry and have children! They are very serious about their family responsibilities and have strong ties. Elementals have feelings and cry when their loved ones pass.

So, let’s talk about the salamanders. It’s a funny name, isn’t it? It comes from Europe in past ages, where sometimes, when people put decaying logs on the fire in winter, an actual hibernating salamander would jump out of the log and into the flames. Salamanders have very flexible bodies, and in ancient alchemical drawings there are pictures of salamanders dancing in the flames.

Fiery salamanders look like a liquid fire, which is also called “rainbow fire.” Think of it as a spiritual fire that constantly shifts and reflects the different rainbow colors, depending on what kind of work they are doing or what kind of light rays they need to pass through nature or through the bodies of those in their care.

They can be fifteen, thirty and even fifty feet tall, which is 5, 10, and 15 meters. Some of them can even be 100 feet tall, which would be about 30 meters! But then, they can reduce their size within a millisecond!

As I said before, the fiery salamanders serve the fire element, which is the symbol of the Holy Spirit and God’s Spirit. Fire has the highest spiritual vibration of all elements. Physical fire consumes that which is being burned, but spiritual fire burns without consuming!

The salamanders sustain physical fire and infuse the molecules of everything you see with the spiritual fires of creation. They transfer fire for a candle, a bonfire, electricity and so on. In simple terms: Life or fire would be non-existent without them!

Have you ever heard people say that they have no idea why Mother Earth is still alive, despite all the pollution and overexploitation of natural resources that humans cause? Well, the elementals are the reason!

For example, the salamanders take charge of all nuclear energies being used on our planet and help make sure that nothing goes wrong with these energies. They purify the earth and the people from negativity and impurifications that are so prevalent in this world.

Something that I find very interesting is that salamanders carry rods of white lightning as scepters of authority. They also work with the seraphim of God, who are angels of fire.

Oromasis and Diana, who are the supervisors of the fiery salamanders, have asked us to invoke the violet flame for all salamanders existing on this earth.

But why do they need help? Well, elementals are like children – they get influenced enormously by what people do, both the good and the bad. As we all know, children can be manipulated in whatever direction people want them to be manipulated. The same is true for elementals. If you are a person filled with love, appreciation for God and life, and comfort and care for others, they will be your supporters who send back to you exactly those same vibrations. However, imagine someone who has very dark thoughts, fights all the time with others, and has a lot of resentment. This hurts the elementals and they reflect that same kind of low-vibrating energy into the world.

Elementals mirror whatever emotional states people are in and take on those vibrations. I think that everybody who watches this video is aware of how many people in the world are emotionally unbalanced, especially with COVID restrictions being on the rise. Just imagine what this does to the elementals.

At times, and more and more often, elementals reach the limit of what they can bear and have to shake off these burdens of energy that we place upon them. This manifests in our world as natural upheavals and catastrophes such as tornados, floods, huge fires, earthquakes and all other meteorological disturbances you can think of. These things show us that the poor elementals are utterly overwhelmed and are crying out to us to relieve them of these burdens.

You can see that elementals are true heroes, whose job it is to keep our planet pure and clean and beautiful, and to help us. Now it’s time to help them!

You can use the violet flame invocations for the elementals. While invoking the violet flame, you can imagine the fiery salamanders totally bathed in violet flame. Imagine and feel how uplifting the violet flame is for them, and how much relief they can gain from our assistance. To make them feel even better, you can send them love and hug them in your visualizations.

I use the violet flame every day for the elementals and imagine the fiery salamanders in the violet flame moving around the earth near nuclear power plants, and other places where a lot of fire and heat is generated, like factories and metal production plants. I also imagine them around people—I visualize how they infuse their spiritual fire into our bodies and help us to be cleared from all negative energies and thoughts we may have. I imagine them stopping big bushfires and helping the fire fighters!

Now let me tell you the secret of how you can develop a relationship with the fiery salamanders. Oromasis and Diana say that if we help the elementals, the elementals will want to stay close to us and serve us. They even said that thousands of elementals will be singing and anchoring the light of the violet flame around us!

You can start speaking directly to them, like to a friend, to get to know them and earn their trust. This can take a while – they have seen people do many bad things to nature, so they want to test you to see if you are a trustworthy person who really cares about them and the environment. But once you have gained their trust, you can ask for their help and direct them. That’s right. They want to serve you, which means you have to tell them what to do! You are their boss! You could ask them to bring fire or light when you need it, to purify your thoughts if you’re having trouble with negative thought patterns, and you could send them out to control fires around the world. But as you ask them to do things for you, you also need to do something for them: invoke spiritual light that eases their burdens. So don’t forget: the violet flame is not only your best friend but also theirs. They need you to invoke the violet flame for them – so why not give them this most magnificent gift?

If you want to learn how to use the violet flame, check out my video “THE VIOLET FLAME MANTRA – BEGINNERS”, which is popping up at the right upper corner of this video right now.

If you want to know more about the elementals, I recommend the Encyclopedia of the Summit Lighthouse and the Book “The Sacred Adventures – Book 3”. These are the two main sources I’ve used for this video. I’ll add both links below in the video description.

Help Nature Spirits with the Violet flame! Video 2/4 – Sylphs

There are four kinds of elementals. In video 1, which is popping up right now in the upper right corner of your screen, in case you’d like to watch it, we spoke about the fire elementals, called the fiery salamanders. Today we’ll be speaking about sylphs, the nature spirits of the air.

I’ll share some new tips on how you can build a relationship with the elementals in just a moment!

Elementals help us every day to keep this earth clean and purified, as much as possible.

The sylphs take care of the four winds, the clouds, and the air pressure. They purify the air from pollutants – we all know that especially big cities are full of car exhaust pollutants. Big factories and industrial processes produce toxic fumes that go into the air we breathe. The sylphs help us by cleansing the atmosphere and purifying the air so there is a reduction in amount of pollutants that can harm and pollute our bodies, the water and the earth.

The word “sylph” as we use it now stems from the writings of Paracelsus, a famous 16th-century physician and alchemist who was very familiar with the idea of elementals. He described the sylphs as the invisible beings of the air. The names of the directors or supervisors of the sylphs are Aries and Thor. In a spiritual sense, sylphs transmit the currents of the Holy Spirit from heaven to mankind on earth.

As I mentioned in my first video, elementals can adjust their appearance depending on where they are.

Like the salamanders, the sylphs can change their size from one second to the other from a tiny being to filling a large portion of the sky. They also can travel great distances quickly.

Mark Prophet, the founder of The Summit Lighthouse, could see elementals, and he described the sylphs as very attractive beings of grace, looking like ballerinas with long golden hair, thin and very curvaceous. He said: “They float through the air and they’ll bend their whole body in different shapes. Sometimes the body is bent with the legs behind, trailing like a garment, and their arms are in the most graceful ballerina poses. They have beautiful faces, like the most beautiful woman imaginable, except that they’re soul faces.” (Prophet, Elizabeth Clare. How to Work with Nature Spirits (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality). Summit University Press.)

Mark said that they look differently though when they reflect negative human attitudes. In the case of the sylphs, we often see this in the cloud formations. They create cloud patterns that reflect what is going on with us on earth. Often, they reflect back to us our somber moods in the form of gray or dark or frightening cloud covers. On the other hand, on some clean and clear days the cloud patterns can look like angels or angel wings!

Alright, it’s time for a testimony about the sylphs, which is taken from the book How to Work with Nature Spirits.

“I was a passenger on a Boeing 747 flying to Los Angeles. It was a stormy night and we were tossed around like a piece of paper. The wind and turbulence were terrible, and the lightning lit the darkened cabin like day. There were very few people on that plane, so I scurried to a window away from everyone and said some intense prayers. To hide the sound of my voice, I pressed my face against the glass near one of the jets. With my eyes squeezed shut, I implored heaven and the elementals to save us. I paused, took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Suddenly, I was looking right into the incredible blue eyes of a sylph! It took me a second to realize that the sylph was on the outside of the glass. It really shocked me! But finally I was able to speak and I said, “You’re outside!” The sylph answered, “Yes, and we will take care of you. Do not be afraid.” Soon afterwards the plane was flying above the storm, and all was peaceable.” (Prophet, Elizabeth Clare. How to Work with Nature Spirits (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality). Summit University Press.)

Isn’t that an amazing story? It is so inspiring to hear these kinds of stories, which witness to the existence of the elementals!

The title of this video is “How to Help Nature Spirits with the Violet Flame.” So, why do they need help?

In video 1 of this series, I’ve talked about two reasons why elementals need our help. The first one is that they mirror our emotions and they become burdened by mankind’s impurified thoughts and feelings.

Another reason is a very sad but true one. We all know that there are bad people existing in this world who want only bad things for others. There are people on our planet that use black magic to influence elementals and cause weather disturbances and calamities. But hold on for a second – What is black magic?

Mark and Elizabeth Prophet write in their book The Path of Christ or Antichrist:

“One source defines black magic as “the use of supernatural knowledge for the purposes of evil, the invocation of diabolical and infernal powers that they may become the slaves and emissaries of man’s will (…)” (Prophet, Mark and Elizabeth Clare. The Path of Christ or Antichrist (Climb the Highest Mountain Series) (p. 84). Summit University Press.)

That sounds like we’re talking about a movie, doesn’t it? But unfortunately, these kinds of things are really taking place here on earth. Manipulation through energy does work. Black magicians can control nature spirits and therefore manipulate the weather. Remember that in my first video I said that elementals are like children? This is both for the good and for the bad. Destructive hurricanes, storms, tornados can all be “created” by black magicians by controlling the elementals.

Now that you know how badly the elementals need our help, let’s talk more about earning their trust and building a relationship with them. Besides the tips I gave you in my first video in this series, you can help them by simply thanking them for their service. Whenever you like the weather, whenever you see anything in nature that inspires you – such as a beautiful flower or plant, a magnificent tree, the green grass, a flowing river – thank them for creating such beautiful things. Talk to them like you’d talk to a friend. Show them that you are a loving person who adores their work and the God that made this earth and this universe!

One more tip that I found in the Working with the Masters (Sacred Adventure Series) Book 3 is that elementals often behave like pets. You know dog whistles or how people call their pets in a specific way? Oromasis and Diana – the directors of the salamanders – said we should teach the elementals a specific signal that we want them to recognize. Just as with teaching an animal, you need to do it multiple times over the course of several weeks or months. Tell them over and over that this is the signal you want them to know. You don’t have to buy a whistle to do this, but you could whistle a specific melody, or you could call them with a specific phrase like “Elementals, come now!” and repeat it always the same way.

If what I have shared today inspires you, start building a relationship with the elementals today! Invoke the violet flame for them daily, to help alleviate their suffering. Imagine the ballerina sylphs dancing in the sky, bathed in violet flame, happy and free. Imagine them purifying the air from all kinds of pollutions and sending us fresh oxygen!

You can have a tremendous impact on their lives! Help them be liberated from the heaviness of human emotions and becoming happy and light again.

I’ll add the mentioned book links in the description below this video – Links included in this video might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. This helps me to continue providing you with free content!

Help Nature Spirits with the Violet flame! Video 3/4 – Undines

Welcome to my third video about helping nature spirits with the violet flame.

Today we’ll be speaking about undines, the nature spirits of the water element.

In just a few minutes I’ll share a couple of more tips how you can build a relationship with the elementals!

As with the sylphs in my previous video, the name “undine” comes from the works of Paracelsus, a 16th-century alchemist who wrote a book about the elementals of fire, air, water and earth. The Latin root of the word “undine” is unda, which means “wave.”

Undines are beautiful, mermaidlike beings that live in the sea, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, ponds, and everywhere where there’s water. Like all other elementals, the undines can change their form rapidly.

Neptune and Luara are the hierarchs of the undines and the water element on planet earth. They have explained that the seas have a special significance in relationship to humanity.

The undines control all fish and mineral life in the seas and waters in the earth. They control the oxygenation in the waters and also the tides. They maintain the plants in the seas! They have much control over the climate as well. They cleanse the waters from poisons like industrial waste, chemicals, pesticides, sewage and oil spills. Given that about 71% of the earth’s surface consists of water, you can imagine that this makes their work extremely important for our ecosystem. They purify our waters every day! They do this by constantly recharging the electromagnetic field of earth’s waters with the currents of the Holy Spirit.

Water is a very important element on earth: Nothing can grow without water and we humans cannot even survive more than three days without it! Therefore it is very important to let them know how grateful you are for their work!

Let’s take a look at an example of what it can look like to work with elementals. I’ve taken this from the book How to Work with Nature Spirits by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, which includes this witness by one of her students:

My son and I were on the way to my mother’s house in a small farming town in the Midwest. With us were my nephew and my two nieces. They decided that they wanted to have a big rainstorm so that they could play in it. Their mother was very protective and strict and didn’t allow such things. But they knew that their grandma and I would think it was harmless fun. The children asked me, “If we pray to the elementals, will they make it rain?” I explained about God’s laws and that the farmers were cutting hay and needed it dry. We couldn’t ruin the hay crop just so we could play in the rain. So they worked on the right prayer and asked the sylphs and undines, over and over, in God’s name and according to his will, to just make it rain in town so as not to interfere with the crops. “And could it please be a real thunderstorm,” they asked, “with lots of water?” Just as we came close to town, out of a clear blue sky, clouds came up and poured down rain in a six-block square. It rushed into the streets in front of the house like a river! The children were ecstatic! The thunder was horrific, and the deep water a bit frightening. My nephew said, with eyes wide, “Aunt Ellen, do you think we overdid it?” They had a jolly time rolling in the muddy water and were very satisfied with their experiment. The freak storm was on the news and in all the papers. But the hay cutting was not affected at all!”

Elizabeth Clare Prophets. How to Work with Nature Spirits (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality). Summit University Press.

What an amazing story! We all can have faith like these children and start working with the elementals right away.

Alright, in the other two videos of this video series I already explained some of the problems elementals need our help with. One more issue they have to deal with is the following:

Some elementals are imprisoned in animal bodies – this is something that was never intended by God!

Many, many thousands of years ago scientists on Lemuria and Atlantis, which were two continents that have since perished and disappeared from the history books, were very evolved. The people started playing around with God’s creation and found a way to imprison elementals. In particular, the scientists of Atlantis wanted to limit the elementals’ expression of the Holy Spirit and manipulate them, so they could use them for their own purposes. They used advanced methods of magnetism and mind control to put a kind of transparent cage around elementals, that looked like an animal form. These cages were not tangible at first, they were actually electronic forcefields, but with time they actually manifested in matter, which means that the elementals were literally imprisoned in an animal body. Millions of elementals became prisoners!

This doesn’t mean that all animals are imprisoned elementals. Many animals are part of a group soul and evolve within the animal group. They are not like humans who have an individual soul.

Now imagine elementals having been embodied in an animal body – for example a dog, cat or horse – for thousands of years. They have forgotten where they came from and what they really are. Their new identity is being an animal.

You may know a dog or a cat, or maybe some other animal, that is very talented and devoted to the family it lives with. In many cases these intelligent pets even replace family members and become very dear to their owners. It is quite possible that that dog or cat that you are thinking of is an imprisoned elemental.

That’s why they need our help to be set free and once again become what they were intended to be: An elemental.

One more tip that is recommended in the book Working with the Masters by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet in order to work with the elementals and build a relationship with them is a bit surprising: In a dictation in 1983, the ascended master Gautama Buddha asked to hang beautiful nature pictures in our homes to inspire elementals to recreate the same scenes in our world. He said they would meditate upon these images and outpicture peace and purification. Just imagine the kind of positive impact these elementals that are peaceful and full of light can have!

Something else that is recommended in the book I just mentioned is to pray to Elohim Cyclopea. The Elohim carry the highest vibration of light that we as humans can comprehend. Elohim Cyclopea is the Elohim of vision and his cosmic consciousness ensouls the vision of God as the Creator. You can ask this great cosmic being to send his divine vision to the elementals, who then can keep the blueprint of the perfect state of planet earth in their inner being. This can help them materialize what they know to be true within!

I know that you care about the elementals as much as I do. Let’s all help them with the violet flame and by making the following call for them to God daily:

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I call forth the intense action of the violet transmuting flame around every salamander, sylph, undine and gnome. Saturate the four elements—fire, air, water and earth—with the violet flame this day. I accept this done right here and now with full power, in accordance with the Holy Will of God.

Elizabeth Clare Prophets. How to Work with Nature Spirits (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality). Summit University Press.

I imagine the undines every day dancing in violet flame. I imagine being in the ocean, swimming with them, collecting whatever garbage we can find in the ocean – plastic bags, pieces of metal, discarded rags – and tossing them into a giant violet fire, where they just vanish. I imagine them tending the water plants and having beautiful gardens with flowers of all colors. I imagine them purifying the water wherever there have been oil spill accidents and helping animals whenever they are hurt.

Of course, these are just my own visualizations, but they might inspire you to create your own! Visualize whatever expresses your love for the elementals and add the violet flame to it.

Don’t forget: The elementals depend on our help!

I’ll add the mentioned book links in the description below this video – Links included in this video might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. This helps me to continue providing you with free content!

Help Nature Spirits with the Violet flame! Video 4/4 – Gnomes

Welcome to my fourth and final video about helping nature spirits with the violet flame.

As I mentioned in my last few videos, there are four kinds of elementals: fiery salamanders, sylphs, undines and gnomes. Today I’ll be speaking about the gnomes, who are the nature spirits of the earth element.

I’ll also reveal my last couple of tips on how you can build a relationship with the elementals!

Just like the other elementals, the gnomes help us to keep the earth clean and purified.

The word “gnome” comes from the writings of Paracelsus, the 16th-century physician and alchemist I have mentioned before, and has a Greek root that means “earth dweller.”

So, what do the gnomes look like? Many gnomes are short and impish, like the one you see in this picture.

But not all gnomes look like this. Virgo and Pelleur, the supervisors of the gnomes, gave this description of the gnomes and the work they do:

“The beings you call gnomes, whose image has been dwarfed in the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and other fairy tales, actually range in size from three-inch-high elves playing in the grasses, to the three-foot dwarfs, all the way to the hierarchies of the mountains who attend the Great Hall of the Mountain King and Queen glimpsed by Grieg and portrayed in his musical tribute to the special gnomes of Norway and the Norsemen. There are giants in the elemental kingdom of the earth… The mighty gnomes (are) gentle and merciful…”

Working with the Masters (Book 3 in the Sacred Adventure Series) by the Staff of Summit University. Summit University Press, 2018. Kindle Edition.

Kuthumi, a great ascended master, once explained, “the gnomes, although scarce recognized by the average Westerner—yet made known to the Irish as the ‘little people,’ or as mischievous fairies called leprechauns—do exist and impart to the mineral kingdom a wonderful quality of spiritual radiance which passes through the consciousness of the elemental’s own being directly from the sun parents of this system, Helios and Vesta. The gnomes are charged with the responsibility of administering the divine pattern for each rock, precious stone, and element of mineral life.”13

Working with the Masters (Book 3 in the Sacred Adventure Series) by the Staff of Summit University. Summit University Press, 2018. Kindle Edition.

The gnomes are very diligent and hard-working elementals. They care for the earth element and all that’s involved in this job, like enriching the soil and bringing about the formation of minerals and physical elements found in the earth. They protect and maintain the form and texture of plants, trees, grass and flowers – basically everything that’s produced in the earth.

Mark Prophet, the founder of The Summit Lighthouse, a spiritual organization, said the following:

“I have become aware that every single manifestation in nature is presided over by elementals—that there is no flower growing anywhere, not even a blade of grass, that does not have an elemental presiding over it.”

Elizabeth Clare Prophets. How to Work with Nature Spirits (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality), pp. 22-23. Summit University Press. Kindle Edition.

Billions of gnomes tend the earth each and every day and through the four seasons of the year. They see to it that all living things are supplied with whatever they need on a daily basis.

Whatever waste and by-products humans produce is taken care of by the gnomes. They purge the earth of pollutants and poisons that are dangerous to humans and animals, like pesticides, acid rain, nuclear radiation, industrial effluvium and toxic waste.

Besides cleaning up the waste and pollutants mankind produce, they also need to deal with energetic levels of discord and negativity from mankind. Have you ever thought about everything that takes place both physically and energetically on the surface of Mother Earth? All of the killing of people and animals, war, rape, torture and so on. Plus, negative emotions like anger, gossip and discord create an accumulation of negative energy that burdens the earth and the elementals.

So, you can see how valuable and important the gnomes are for all of us and especially for Mother Earth!

Alright, let’s take a look at a testimony by someone who can actually see the elementals:

I used to have a little gnome help me wash dishes and pots. Before he ever started, he had spent a long time sitting on a small shelf watching me. Upon noticing him, I asked him what he was doing there and what his name was. He said, “My name is Ra Moose and I’m tough as nails, and I am watching you do the dishes.” I asked, “Why don’t you come down and help me?” He said, “Because you haven’t asked me to!”

Elizabeth Clare Prophets. How to Work with Nature Spirits (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality), p. 123. Summit University Press. Kindle Edition.

Isn’t this a funny story, and amazing as well? We learn once again that we need to ask the elementals to help us with our tasks – otherwise they won’t do it!

In the earlier videos in this series I spoke about the problems elementals face: they are easily manipulated, they mirror mankind’s emotions, black magicians manipulate them and the weather, and millions of them have been imprisoned in animal bodies. Another big issue is the increasing karmic weight of mankind upon earth. The elementals have to bear that burden. If we don’t help them, then at some point they really don’t have another choice but to throw off  that weight from their shoulders. This can result in fires, floods, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados. These natural disasters can also come about because sometimes the gnomes are not allowed to help us. This happens when a certain percentage of karma has to return to us in the form of meteorological disturbances so that we collectively can learn from our actions and the misuse of nature that people are prone to.

As you can see, they desperately need our help and our love. Let’s help them so they can help us!

Let’s look now at the last two tips on how to build a relationship with the elementals, from the book Working with the Masters (Book 3 of the Sacred Adventure Series): Teach the elementals to sing and decree with you!

I know, it sounds a bit crazy, but if you believe that the elementals really exist, even though you can’t see them, the idea isn’t that crazy at all! As I said in my earlier videos, the elementals are like children. Call them to come to you and just imagine that they are sitting right in front of you on their little gnome chairs. Then teach them what you’re doing and invite them to decree or sing along with you!

The last tip is very logical but we often forget: Keep your thoughts positive and always loving. Do you like to be around a grumpy or resentful person? No? Then you can imagine that the elementals don’t like it either. Imagine the big, positive cloud of energy you’re creating when sending out love and positive thoughts constantly. This will attract the elementals. Now imagine using the violet flame on their behalf! They will LOVE you for it and will just stay around you as much as possible!

Human beings consider themselves to be pretty independent and the majority of us doesn’t care about elementals or even about God. But when the elementals fail to hold the balance of the climate on earth and we experience sudden droughts and the crops stop growing, people realize that they are not as independent as they thought. Oromasis and Diana, the supervisors of the fire element, said that planet earth cannot be saved without the elementals – and they urgently need our help to save earth!

You can start helping the elementals right here and now and build a relationship with them! You can begin by visualizing the gnomes who are working with the gardens and plants, the forests and the fields. Visualize millions of them around the big mountain ranges of the earth and growing minerals and crystals! Then see them being bathed and soothed by the violet flame, dancing and happy.

They will so appreciate your support and help!

To help them even more you can give this simple call every day on their behalf:

“Charge the Violet Flame into the Four Elements In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I call forth the intense action of the violet transmuting flame around every salamander, sylph, undine and gnome. Saturate the four elements—fire, air, water and earth—with the violet flame this day.”

All according to God’s holy will. Amen.

Elizabeth Clare Prophets. How to Work with Nature Spirits (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality). Summit University Press.

All content of this video series has been taken from the books How to Work with Nature Spirits and Working with the Masters (Sacred Adventure Series – Book 3) as well as from The Summit Lighthouse encyclopedia. I’ll add the links to all three sources below this video.

Links included in this video might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. This helps me to continue providing you with free content!

Why Use the Violet Flame at Least 15 Minutes per Day?

Do you want to get the maximum gain from your violet flame decrees? What if I told you that there is only one thing you have to do to get your efforts multiplied by the power of ten? Keep watching to find out more!

Heaven has given us a huge gift that we can use to multiply our transmutation efforts ten times. When I say heaven, I mean a specific spiritual being called Omri-Tas.

I will tell you in a minute how you can invoke this awesome dispensation from Omri-Tas!

A dispensation is a special gift or blessing from heaven that allows us to do more or develop our spirituality faster than we normally would. But first, let me tell you a bit more about Omri-Tas.

“Omri-Tas is the ruler of the Violet Planet, which is a planet situated in the spiritual realms, invisible to our physical eyes.” ( Many, many thousands of beings are invoking the violet flame there day and night!

BTW: If you don’t know what the violet flame is, watch my video THE VIOLET FLAME – A SPIRITUAL SUPER WEAPON, by clicking the link that you see in the upper right corner of your screen right now.

Omri-Tas promised us the following in 1984:


[…] if with all your heart and deep within your heart you will take, […], fifteen minutes each day to give profound and loving invocations to the violet flame in my name (and please remember to use my name, for I am the one from whose causal body this dispensation comes), then we will take that offering, measure for measure as it is devoted, as it is profound and sincere, the very weight of its power and light. Therefore, by the quality of it, quality for quality, it shall be multiplied in your life ten times!



Isn’t this one of the greatest presents he could have given us?

Omri-Tas said “use my name”. So, how can you invoke his presence?

After you have given at least fifteen minutes of violet flame decrees you could say something like:


In the name of the Christ, I call to beloved Omri-Tas to multiply the violet flame decrees I have given by the power of ten!


We call to him “in the name of the Christ” because the Christ is also a name for our higher self, our Holy Christ Self, which is a vehicle for the Christ Consciousness. By saying “in the name of the Christ” or “in the name of my Holy Christ Self,” you funnel your request through that higher consciousness, which filters out all imperfect human vibrations and desires.

Okay. Let’s summarize what you need to do to receive this dispensation and what exactly you receive if you make use of Omri-Tas’ offer:

What to do

First, give at least 15 minutes of violet flame invocations. This does not include the opening lines of the decree; only the body or “main part” of a decree counts for this dispensation. If you don’t know what the “body” is, click on the link of my video VIOLET FLAME DECREE – ADVANCED, which you’ll see right now in the upper right corner of your screen.

Then, after your fifteen minutes of violet flame, you call to Omri-Tas to multiply it by ten.

What you get

Depending on how devoted, concentrated and sincere your invocations are, the amount of violet flame you invoked will be multiplied by ten. I’d like to illustrate what a great blessing this is by giving you a practical example.

Imagine you’ve just made a pound of karma by stepping on someone’s toes in the subway and getting into a shouting match.

Let’s say it normally takes five hours of violet flame decrees to transmute a pound of karma. I’m just making this up—I have no idea how much time and effort it takes to transmute a specific amount of karma, so these numbers are just to show you how the dispensation works.

Okay, five hypothetical hours to transmute a pound of karma. Now let’s add Omri-Tas’s dispensation. If we give 30 minutes of devoted, focused violet flame decrees and Omri-Tas multiplies this by 10, that’s 10 half hours or 5 hours. So, with 10% of the effort, we can get the same results. Isn’t that amazing?

I don’t know about you, but I definitely would go with the dispensation and the 30 minutes!

Why don’t you take your violet flame invocations to the next level today? I absolutely recommend making use of this great gift and giving 15 minutes of violet flame invocations daily!

Violet Flame Day (23rd of Each Month)

Once a month, on the 23rd, there’s a special day: The Violet Flame Day.

This is like winning the karmic lottery every month! And the best part is: everybody can win…

Saint Germain promised something special to us: if on the 23rd of the month we give intense violet flame decrees for 3 hours or more, we can transmute a huge chunk of our personal karma for the given month. But … how does this work? What does this mean? I’ll be clarifying all of this in this video!

Plus: in just a minute I’ll be sharing my own experiences about the effects of the violet flame day on my personal life!

Let’s talk first about this dispensation, which is like a gift from heaven. To understand this dispensation we need to talk briefly about the Dark Cycle.

At the end of the 1960’s we began transitioning from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age, which has the potential to become a great Golden Age. The Dark Cycle was the return of a mountain of karma that had accumulated over 25,800 years, since the last Golden Age of Aquarius. This karma was held back out of mercy, but when we got close to the start of the Age of Aquarius, it had to be cleaned up. Every month on the 23rd, a new installment of this personal karma descended for everybody on this planet.

Saint Germain gave us the dispensation of the three hours of violet flame on the 23rd of the month so we could deal with this returning karma.

The Dark Cycle ended in 2002 but not all that old karma was transmuted and we are still dealing with some of it spilling over into our lives. Thank heaven that Saint Germain’s dispensation is still available to us!

To summarize: On the 23rd you can transmute lots of personal karma, if you want to!

I’ve taken advantage of this dispensation for quite some time now. The 23rd of each month is a Violet Flame Day for me. I take 2 hours of my time to give violet flame decrees. I know this won’t transmute all of the month’s karma but I can fit those 2 hours into my work schedule and personal life.

My experience on the 23rd is always wonderful: After two hours of giving violet flame decrees, I am full of purified energy and feel as if I am walking on clouds. The whole day usually runs smoothly, and everything just seems to be in perfect alignment with the universe.

I have noticed something amazing over time: When I’ve had to make an appointment that usually takes a lot of time to get – like a specific appointment at the Doctor’s office, a state agency, city hall, etc. – I would often get an appointment on the 23rd – and I would get it much faster than usual. For example, when you call city hall to make an appointment to get a new passport, it usually takes 6 weeks or so to get in. However, after doing my 2 hours of violet flame, I’d get the appointment within 2 weeks, and likely on the 23rd day of a given month. This is really neat!

Here’s another 23rd-of-the-month story:  I once took a night flight from America to Europa and got row 23. On that flight I was the only person sitting in that row, in the middle section, which meant I could stretch my legs out across the empty seats and sleep the whole night. This had never happened to me before!

In general, I feel like things run much more smoothly when I do the 2 hours of decrees on the 23rd. This either means less nerve-wracking issues with clients, banks or agencies – or it means that whatever problem appears is solved quickly.

It does not mean that nothing negative will happen to you, at least not in my experience. But instead of a bad flu, you might just get a cough for a couple of days. Instead of losing thousands of dollars on an investment, you might just lose $500. Instead of crashing your car into a wall, you might just get a scratch. Whatever karmic hammer needs to descend, all of that violet flame might just be able to turn it into a karmic feather that lightly touches you.

The 23rd of each month dispensation is truly a great gift from Saint Germain and a HUGE opportunity! You can make use of it in whatever way works for you. Let’s say that if you give 5 minutes of violet flame decrees every day, on the 23rd you could give 15 minutes of violet flame decrees. This would be a great start!

Violet Flame Decree – Advanced


Hi everybody! Welcome back to my channel. In this video we’ll learn how to decree like a pro. Today, I am not going to go into the details of when is the best time to give violet flame decrees, for how long, and how to visualize their action. If you want to know more about these kinds of details, check out my other violet flame videos, for example the one that’s popping up in the upper right corner right now.

Okay, let’s get started by looking at the following decree, which is called, Radiant Spiral Violet Flame:

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, beloved Guru Ma and Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water, and earth! I decree:

Radiant spiral Violet Flame,

Descend, now blaze through me!

Radiant spiral Violet Flame,

Set free, set free, set free!


Radiant Violet Flame,

O come, Expand and blaze thy Light through me!

Radiant Violet Flame, O come,

Reveal God’s Power for all to see!

Radiant Violet Flame, 0 come,

Awake the earth and set it free!


Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Explode and boil through me!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Expand for all to see!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Establish Mercy’s outpost here!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Come, transmute now all fear!

And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

SOURCE: Decree 70.12, “RADIANT SPIRAL VIOLET FLAME,” from Prayer, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation (Prophet, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare, published by The Summit Lighthouse, 2010).

You can see that there is a beginning part of the decree, which goes like this:

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, beloved Guru Ma and Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water, and earth! I decree:

This is like the beginning of a letter you write to someone. Dear Sir/Madam…

In this case we call to “Guru Ma” and “Lanello”. Who are they, you may ask?

Well, Lanello is the ascended master name of Mark L. Prophet, the founder of The Summit Lighthouse, who made his ascension in 1973. Guru Ma is the ascended master name of his wife, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who made her transition in 2009. Both were messengers for the ascended masters and gave us the teachings on the violet flame I am sharing with you. When you say their names in the opening of the decree, which is called the preamble, you express that you want their support and blessing for this decree. This part of the decree we say only once.

Then we go into the main part of the decree, the body.

Radiant spiral Violet Flame,

Descend, now blaze through me!

Radiant spiral Violet Flame,

Set free, set free, set free!


Radiant Violet Flame,

O come, Expand and blaze thy Light through me!

Radiant Violet Flame, O come,

Reveal God’s Power for all to see!

Radiant Violet Flame, 0 come,

Awake the earth and set it free!


Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Explode and boil through me!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Expand for all to see!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Establish Mercy’s outpost here!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Come, transmute now all fear!


SOURCE: Decree 70.12, “RADIANT SPIRAL VIOLET FLAME,” from Prayer, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation (Prophet, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare, published by The Summit Lighthouse, 2010).

You can repeat this part as often as you want, but here’s a tip: the ascended masters recommend we give the body of a decree in multiples of three, such as 3 times, 9 times or 30 times.

Let’s say you have decreed for a couple of minutes and now would like to end the decree. Again, like in a letter you write to someone, you always end with a final greeting, such as “Sincerely” or “Yours truly.”  Just like a letter would feel unfinished without that ending part, so a decree would feel incomplete without the closing. After you have invoked the violet flame by giving the body of the decree, you basically say to God, “I really want this energy I have invoked to keep manifesting in my life, and I fully believe that this is happening right here and now.”

You repeat the first part of the sentence, “And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest!” three times, and then you say the rest just once.

Let’s read it together:

And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

SOURCE: Decree 70.12, “RADIANT SPIRAL VIOLET FLAME,” from Prayer, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation (Prophet, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare, published by The Summit Lighthouse, 2010).

That’s a powerful closing statement, isn’t it? People sometimes misunderstand it and think that it means you are promising to stick around and give violet flame decrees forever until all life is ascended and free. But that’s not what it means. You are simply affirming that you accept that the light you have invoked will continue to act in our world until all people are ascended and free in the light.

And that’s it! Now you know what a complete decree looks like and how it works! Let’s put this into practice and give this decree together. We’ll start with the preamble, then we’ll give the body three times, and then we’ll end with the closing.

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, beloved Guru Ma and Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water, and earth! I decree:


Radiant spiral Violet Flame,

Descend, now blaze through me!

Radiant spiral Violet Flame,

Set free, set free, set free!


Radiant Violet Flame,

O come, Expand and blaze thy Light through me!

Radiant Violet Flame, O come,

Reveal God’s Power for all to see!

Radiant Violet Flame, 0 come,

Awake the earth and set it free!


Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Explode and boil through me!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Expand for all to see!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Establish Mercy’s outpost here!

Radiance of the Violet Flame,

Come, transmute now all fear!

And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

SOURCE: Decree 70.12, “RADIANT SPIRAL VIOLET FLAME,” from Prayer, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation (Prophet, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare, published by The Summit Lighthouse, 2010).

I hope you enjoyed giving this decree with me and are beginning to experience the power of the violet flame. Just think about the powerful gift you now have in your hands to bless all life!

Violet Flame Decree – Intermediate


In this video I’d like to show you how to start giving violet flame.

But first, let me tell you a little bit more about decrees:

Decrees are like mantras without chanting. They are powerful repetitive prayers, given out loud, that can bring about major change in ourselves and the world around us.

Alright, so today we’re going to learn a new violet flame decree, at an intermediate level. The text of this decree is a bit longer than the one in my The Violet Flame Mantra – Beginners video that is linked in the upper right corner of this video and below this video as well, so you can go back there and review it, if you like.

Let’s take a look at the decree, which is called, I AM the Violet Flame. Let me read it to you:


I AM the Violet Flame

I AM the Violet Flame

In action in me now

I AM the Violet Flame

To Light alone I bow

I AM the Violet Flame

In mighty Cosmic Power

I AM the Light of God

Shining every hour

I AM the Violet Flame

Blazing like a sun

I AM God’s sacred power

Freeing everyone


SOURCE: Decree 70.11, “I AM THE VIOLET FLAME,” from Prayer, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation (Prophet, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare, published by The Summit Lighthouse, 2010).

Isn’t that a beautiful thoughtform, to become the violet flame and thereby be able to free everyone? We’re freeing ourselves and others from our karma–that’s what this means.

As I explained earlier, repetition is really important to get the maximum action of the decree.

With a decree like this, it’s good to keep repeating it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or whatever length of time you want to decree for. Saint Germain’s recommendation is to do at least 15 minutes of violet flame decrees in the morning.

BTW: If you don’t know who Saint Germain is: he is the ascended master who brought us the knowledge of the violet flame. When we invoke it, he amplifies the results beyond what any of us could accomplish alone.

Once you have memorized the text, you can add a visualization. Visualize whatever you want to transmute – this could be any kind of burdensome energy, such as a misunderstanding between you and your best friend, a health issue you are dealing with yourself, an illness affecting your pet, etc.– Just visualize these situations bathed in a dancing violet flame that surrounds them and completely permeates them. You can do this while you are saying the decree.

Alright, that’s all the theory for today. Let’s end this video with 1 minute of decreeing so you can experience the power of this decree for yourself.


I AM the Violet Flame

In action in me now

I AM the Violet Flame

To Light alone I bow

I AM the Violet Flame

In mighty Cosmic Power

I AM the Light of God

Shining every hour

I AM the Violet Flame

Blazing like a sun

I AM God’s sacred power

Freeing everyone

SOURCE: Decree 70.11, “I AM THE VIOLET FLAME,” from Prayer, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation (Prophet, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare, published by The Summit Lighthouse, 2010).

Now that you know how to give this decree, applying it is up to you. I recommend that you start today and then continue using the violet flame every day, for as little or as much as works for you. Remember: It takes about 28 days to establish a new habit.

Thanks so much for listening.

Have a great violet flame day!


My Violet Flame Experience / Why I love the Violet Flame!


Hi, welcome back to my videos about the violet flame, a high-frequency spiritual energy that can work miracles in your life.

Are you wondering if the violet flame really works? Is there anybody out there who has had real experiences with the violet flame? Can it really change lives? Yes, yes, and yes. Keep watching to hear about my personal violet flame experiences!

You’ve heard me say that the violet flame is a spiritual fire that can transmute negative karma – literally, everything negative and bad in your life – but many people are wondering if it really works or if these fantastic claims are just a joke.

So, to answer that important question, let me share some life-changing examples from my personal life.

Part of my personal experience is what I have come to call my daily motivation injection. Keep watching to find out what I mean by that and how you can get those injections too!

Complicated person in my life

So, here’s my first story. In the course of decades, I’ve had issues with one specific person who always tried to tell me what to do. He would not accept who I am or the decisions I made. Let’s call this person Malcolm.

Whenever I’d meet Malcolm, he’d criticize me, tell me what to do, and point out what I was doing wrong. It was always challenging and energy-depleting. For certain reasons, that don’t matter here, I could not get out of these encounters. I had to see Malcolm every week or every other week, which made my life really complicated. So, shortly after I learned about the violet flame, I tested it on this situation that had become so burdensome to me.

Every day, while doing my violet flame mantras, I would visualize Malcolm in the violet flame. I did this for about 15 minutes daily, for probably 2-3 months, because I felt that Malcolm and I had a heavy karma and that only this spiritual work would help. Then, one day, I was astonished to see that he didn’t make his usual critical comments. He just stopped using them, which was amazing to me. As our interactions improved, I was even able to bring up some spiritual things with him, to which he seemed to be open. The entire relationship changed and became more of a “live and let live” arrangement [or: situation]. This really took a burden off of my shoulders and made my life so much easier!


Here’s another example of how the violet flame has helped me.

There was a time in my life when I was quite ill for months on end, and even years. I ate healthy, I took care of my body, I meditated, avoided alcohol, sugar, etc. – I did everything I could to be healthy, but nothing seemed to work. I went to see many doctors and did a zillion tests, but no one could find anything wrong with me. I often woke up in the morning with my energy depleted and feeling like I was hit by a bus. It was a really frustrating and depressing time.

However, I did manage my day-to-day work during that time because of the violet flame! Every morning after waking up I’d do an hour of violet flame mantras and I would always feel a huge difference between before and after these spiritual exercises. This was the only thing that helped me survive this difficult time. I am one hundred percent sure that if I hadn’t worked with the violet flame, I would have had to stay in bed the whole day and sleep and basically just rest and do nothing.

Let me explain now what I call my “daily motivation injection”.

Morning routine

Do you know those mornings you wake up and you are just in a bad mood, without a reason why? You absolutely don’t want to go to school or work. You don’t want to see anybody. You actually don’t want to do anything. It’s cold and rainy outside and you just want to go back to sleep.

I’ve had such mornings too but guess what: Invoking the violet flame can turn them around completely. I may be 10 or 15 minutes into giving focused violet flame mantras and then, everything changes. All of the sudden I feel such a joy, such a desire for life, such an uplifting feeling, that I want to get started with my day right away! It’s like getting a big motivation injection, and whatever felt negative and heavy turns into the most beautiful and uplifting dance of life!

I absolutely recommend getting started with the violet flame today! It does change lives and it does work! Just get started. Try it, and see how your life will be transformed into the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Questions or comments?

Have you been using the violet flame already? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your violet flame experience!

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Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about the violet flame, check out my video: THE VIOLET FLAME – A SPIRITUAL SUPER WEAPON, which is linked below this video.

Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!

The Violet Flame Mantra – Beginners

In this video I am going to introduce you to a short, effective violet flame mantra

In my last video The Violet Flame – A Spiritual Super Weapon I’ve explained to you in detail what the violet flame is about. Today we’re going to learn a simple mantra that has the power to change your life!

How can I use the violet flame? – For Beginners

To get started with the violet flame mantra: Sit somewhere comfortably, close your eyes, and say this mantra:




Repeat this mantra for as long as you want and as often as you can. You could start with 5 minutes each morning and go from there.

Once you get comfortable with this mantra, you can add a visualization. Think of a burning fire, and then, in your mind’s eye, color it violet. Then you visualize this flaming violet fire around whatever you want to use it for. For instance, if you are invoking this light for a friend, imagine him or her standing in a bonfire of violet flame!

There is one VERY IMPORTANT KEY in using the violet flame most people forget to use. This key will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. And it is Feeling.

When you just say the mantra and visualize the results, that’s already very effective. But we don’t just want to be effective – we want perfection, and we want the most perfect results possible! To achieve that you need to feel what you are seeing. You need to love what you are seeing. You need to be excited about what you’re seeing. In short, you need to add a strong feeling to this alchemy of recreating your life! Whatever you can see and feel, you will create.

Now that you know how to work with the violet flame, start using it today and start creating the life you want!

Have you used this violet flame mantra? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your violet flame mantra experiences!

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Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!

The Violet Flame – A Spiritual Super Weapon

Have you ever dreamed about being able to change your life to exactly what you want it to be? Did you ever think: ‘If I only could change this one situation in my life, if I only could make myself look differently, if I only could be more successful, if I only could get healthy…’

In this video I’ll introduce you to a spiritual super weapon, THE VIOLET FLAME, and I’m going to show you how it can change your life tremendously!

What is the violet flame?

The violet flame is a spiritual transformative fire that has the power to change every negative thing in your life. You’ve probably heard the word “karma”.

There are two kinds of karma. When we do good, positive things, we create good karma for ourselves, that returns to us as the positive, enjoyable, and inspiring things that happen in our lives. However, when we do not-so-good or bad things, we create negative karma. When negative karmic energy returns to us, we experience difficulties and challenging situations in our lives. As the saying goes: What goes around comes around. There are different ways to deal with negative karma, and a very effective one is using the violet flame.

Where does it come from?

The violet flame is a gift from heaven that helps us deal with our negative karma – which can be pretty heavy for some people. It is a high-frequency energy that was known to advanced spiritual beings such as the adepts in the Himalayas, but not to the general public. In the 1930s, the Ascended Master Saint Germain revealed its existence to the world at large, so that now we all can use it if we want to.

What can you use it for?

EVERYTHING! You can use it for absolutely everything! For yourself, your sick aunt, getting over the fear of that exam that scares you; becoming more successful; improving your relationship with that colleague you’re having issues with or helping your friend with a job interview. The violet flame can literally transmute all negative energy related to anything we are dealing with in life!

Can you feel the violet flame?

But first, what happens when you invoke the violet flame around yourself? How does it feel?

Some people describe the violet flame as a tickling feeling, as something soft going through the cells and atoms of your body. Some people simply say they feel happy after using it. Some people feel nothing whatsoever. It really depends, and you shouldn’t get frustrated if you feel nothing. After all, the most important thing is the results, not whether you can feel it or not.

Who can use the violet flame?

Everybody! It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not – just try it, test it, and you can experience big changes in your life!

Input = Output

Don’t forget, whatever time and energy you invest in the violet flame, that energy will return to you multiplied. The more you use the violet flame, the more you focus on a strong visualization when using it, the greater will be the return. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see changes right away. Just keep on keeping on and you will see a difference!

Flexibility with the violet flame

If you can’t do 5 minutes a day, start with 3 minutes. If you can’t do 3 minutes, start with 1 minute. If you can’t say the mantra aloud, start saying it in your mind. If you don’t have time to sit down to do the mantra, do it while doing other things like taking a shower, cleaning your house, doing the dishes, etc. Make the violet flame practical in your life. The most important thing is to start using it. From there you take it to the next level, step by step!

Now is the time to get started with the violet flame! Just try it. Test it out, step by step, and watch how your life will be transformed into the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Questions or comments?

Have you used the violet flame before? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your violet flame experiences!

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Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about the violet flame, check out the link below my video ( You can actually participate in a thirty-day violet flame challenge on that site that I really recommend—because in thirty days, you can literally recreate your life!

Thanks for watching and have a great violet-flame day!


The Summit Lighthouse? The Threefold Flame Meditation – Video 1 of 4

In the beginning of my spiritual journey I was looking for the truth. In this quest for truth I did not simply trust my feelings, as I know these can be misleading. Instead I paid attention to detail and tried to think logically. I asked myself, “Did what I was reading make sense?” I tried to find out what my inner being—my soul—felt.

In this four-part video series I would like to explain to you the process I went through, including three examples of how I made my decision that The Summit Lighthouse was going to be my main spiritual teaching source.

The Summit Lighthouse is a spiritual non-profit organization that was founded to help with universal enlightenment and our souls’ reunion with God.

In the beginning of my journey, I read through various books about spirituality, such as books about the ascended masters.

So, I was reading books about angels as well, about how to connect to the higher realms, and even books on channeling and pendulums. During my search, I came across a book by an author who claimed to channel the ascended masters… As I understand it, the term channeling refers to beings speaking to and through someone.

In her book, this author describes a meditation on the threefold flame. In order to understand this example, let me first explain the threefold flame.


The threefold flame is a spiritual flame within you that connects you to your Higher Self. The three plumes of the flame correspond to three specific God-qualities.

Blue (on your left); Power
Yellow (center); Wisdom
Pink (right); Love*

*Source: Prophet, Mark L.. The Path to Immortality (Climb the Highest Mountain Book 7). Summit University Press.

The spiritual goal is to expand these three plumes in a balanced fashion by service to life. As your threefold flame expands it acts as a spiritual MAGNET to draw down to you God virtues so you can become more God-like.

I am still pretty new at this but let me try to explain how I understand the threefold flame:

BLUE (Power):
For example, when I get up very early in the morning in order to honor God (songs, prayer, meditation) then I am nurturing the blue flame through discipline.

YELLOW (Wisdom):
When I study the teachings of the ascended masters, I am growing my spiritual knowledge and consciousness, which eventually will lead to more wisdom.

PINK (Love):
When I try to spread love through encouraging friends & family, doing good things, or hugging someone who has not been hugged in a while those are expressions of God-Love.

We want to nurture all three of these plumes of the threefold flame because the more balanced these plumes are—the more we are balanced in our right use of power, wisdom and love, the more we draw the virtues of God into our lives.

So, returning to the book example, the author describes a meditation on the threefold flame as it was explained to her by what she called an “ascended master.” In this meditation one is supposed to focus on the blue plume within and see it growing. During the whole meditation one does not pay any attention whatsoever to the other two plumes.

I actually tried her recommended meditation a couple of times in the beginning of my journey. I thought to myself, “this is weird—why would someone only focus on one plume when there are three?” But for a while I did it anyway.

Only later when I had gained greater spiritual knowledge and discernment, did I understand that this meditation did not make sense. If you only nurture the blue flame, for example with lots of discipline, but you ignore the pink love flame then you become a person that is greatly disciplined but without embodying love. The same can happen with people becoming very mental, very focused on gaining knowledge. They often forget about love and have a hard time connecting to people. 

Do you think such people would be on the path of becoming more God-like without embodying love? I don’t think so.

I know finding truth can be tricky. As always, the devil is in the details, right? There are so many spiritual teachings out in the world that one can easily become overwhelmed.

My appeal to you today is this: always question what you read. Ask God to reveal the truth to you and strive to find and accept the truth only!

In my next video, which will be released in 3 days I will explain another example on my spiritual quest of finding the truth!

The Summit Lighthouse? Tired Angels – Video 2 of 4

After In this second video of my four-part video series on my journey to find a true spiritual path, I would like to tell you a story about another experience I had during my search, which resulted in me eventually deciding that The Summit Lighthouse was what I was looking for. I could not tell you what exactly I was looking for but that I was looking for the truth. It was just an inner feeling I had that there was more, something I needed to find, a restless sensation if you will.

Let’s get started!

Today I’ll be speaking about an example from the same author who I mentioned in my last video. She claims to channel the what she calls “ascended masters” and has a series of books and teachings about what they have to say. 

She describes very vividly in her books how these beings come to her, and how she can hear and see them as if they were ordinary people standing before her. She usually describes a background she sees these beings standing in – for example: clouds, streaming light, circles of angels. She also says she can hear things, such as trumpets. It all really sounds like the beings she is in contact with are in heaven!

These conversations are basically described as like having a Facetime chat with your friend. Now, I don’t doubt for one minute that she is telling the truth about what she experiences. I personally believe she really is communing with beings. The only trick is—and it’s a super-important piece of the puzzle—these beings are not the ascended masters. Rather, they are psychic imposters of the true masters.

Why do I say this? What evidence do I have that the beings she is in contact with are not the ascended masters? Well, let’s speak about a passage in one of this author’s books. She describes speaking to two of these beings. One of them she describes as leaning on a staff. The way she speaks about his physical behavior while they were talking is like he was a human being. You know, leaning from one side to another while speaking. Another being she describes asked her if she minded him sitting down.

I remember thinking at this point: Why would an ascended master –who basically lives in heaven and can do marvelous things like levitating, time traveling, precipitating, thought reading—who can do whatever he wishes to within the confines of God’s laws—ask to sit down? Real ascended masters do not get tired!

Have you have seen or heard of an angel asking to get a chair because the angel is tired and wants to sit down? 😊

Even though this seems funny and almost quaint, some people who read this passage might not think anything of such small but important details. But they should. To me, this was a red flag that the beings this author is communing with and writing about are not true ascended masters.

I hope this little story can assist you in your spiritual search for the truth. I encourage you once more to pay close attention to what you are reading and viewing. Always question and question again. Sincerely ask God for guidance in finding the truth! Ask from the depths of your being—from your own true heart.

In my next video, coming in three days, I will be talking about another example of something that just did not add up to me that I would like to share with you. It is about smoking and drinking. Stay tuned!

The Summit Lighthouse? Smoking & Drinking – Video 3 of 4

After having presented two examples already of why I decided that many of the spiritual sources out there are simply not presenting truth in the sense of being pure spiritual paths, I would like to share my third example of discovering what I came to realize was not the truth either.

Let’s take a look at a recommendation from another author who claims to channel what he calls the “ascended masters.” I bought a couple of books from him and also watched online some teaching material he offers. In his books he depicts the ascended masters as beings who encourage their students to smoke and drink. I know, this should be a giant red flag, right? Advanced spiritual beings—saints, if you will—promoting smoking and drinking? Come on! But it took me actually a couple of weeks to see through that.

Let’s look a little deeper here. So what actually are the spiritual reasons why drinking alcohol or smoking are not recommended if one is to step on the spiritual path?

When we drink or smoke, we take substances into our bodies that are not only physically unhealthy to our physical bodies but also to our spiritual energy fields, which are called “auras.”

Now, what is an aura?

An aura is a luminous emanation or electromagnetic field that surrounds our all living things, including our physical bodies. A process called Kirlian photography is said to have captured some of what auras look like. Auras cannot be seen, although some clairvoyants do claim to see them. Auras are said to be colorful. The colors change and move, depending on what we think, feel, or say. They wax and wane depending on our levels of physical and emotional health.

Without exception, we all have auras. Just the colors and characteristics and strengths of each aura are different.

Let’s go back to what happens when we take in unhealthy substances. It stands to reason that whatever is unhealthy for our physical body is also unhealthy for our aura. So, when we smoke, take in drugs or drink alcohol, these substances have a negative effect on our aura. These substances hurt our aura. The aura becomes wounded and increasingly susceptible to negative thoughts and feelings, as if it is weakened spiritually, not unlike, say, a substance abuser’s physical immune system is compromised by taking in drugs.

Imagine wearing a garment. Now imagine taking scissors and cutting holes in it – one every week. Over time these holes accumulate and get bigger! A garment full of holes wouldn’t really shield you from anything, would it?

When I was a teenager, I smoked marijuana a few times. Most of my friends smoked weed. It was kind of normal where I grew up. I also would drink. And I smoked cigarettes. Quite a nasty combination.

I remember going to bed one night stoned and drunk.  As I laid there, all of a sudden, I felt a very negative “something” in my room. Later I would call the energy I experienced “the devil,” because at the time it really did feel like the devil was in my room. I was so scared! I was huddled underneath my blanket and I couldn’t move. It was a long while before I could calm down enough to fall asleep.

If you have a sensitive nature and are perhaps on a spiritual journey as well, and you open yourself up, spiritually speaking, through smoking and drinking, you could eventually become more sensitive to these negative “unseen” forces. You might feel that there is something around you that scares you, something that lets you get goose bumps, something that is really unsettling but you can’t put your finger on it. There are people who start seeing some of these dark energies or hear them. If you think about it, severely mentally ill people might not just be imagining the voices they hear. Instead, their auras may be so weak that they have been overcome by these dark astral forces, which they can actually hear. This is all stuff you do not want to experience, obviously. And when you smoke, drink, and especially take drugs you gradually become more and more of an open door to these energies!

A spiritual journey is a striving to connect on a deeper level with God, or the divine. Do you think you can get closer to God by waking up hung over and with your throat all clogged with tobacco from the night before? You are not only sluggish physically the next day but sometimes also kind of depressed and heavy. That is usually how I felt. Your life force has literally been sucked out of you. And it takes you at least a day, sometimes even longer, to get back to a “normal” state, right?

Becoming more spiritual— at least when you are serious about it— also means becoming more energetically purified, stronger, and healthier! Drugs do not fit into this concept.

I am really not trying to preach here. I smoked for more than a decade, and was a drinker for many years. So, there are no judgments from me, obviously. But I do want to make it clear that teachings that promote drinking alcohol and smoking, or even taking drugs, certainly DO NOT come from the ascended masters! These are strategies of darkness that weaken our physical and spiritual well-being and lead only to keeping us down. And they BLOCK our spiritual progress instead of enhancing it!

Thanks so much for listening. The final video in my four-part series will be up in another three days. In it, I’ll draw some final conclusions regarding what I’ve learned in my spiritual search, including the reasons why I chose the Summit Lighthouse to be my main spiritual source.

You won’t want to miss it!

The Summit Lighthouse? Video 4 of 4

After having given you some examples of spiritual sources that did not convince me of teaching the truth, I would like to explain why in the end I have decided to stick with The Summit Lighthouse as my main spiritual teaching source.


Throughout my whole spiritual journey, as mentioned in my previous videos, I was simply—or maybe not so simply—looking for the truth. I read many, many books, researched the internet, and spoke to others who were on their own spiritual journeys. During this time, I had used The Summit Lighthouse on and off as a spiritual source. BTW: In this video I will be referring to “TSL” when speaking about The Summit Lighthouse. I read TSL books and also looked up terms and word definitions, especially on the TSL Encyclopedia site, which is something like a spiritual Wikipedia from The Summit Lighthouse. I used that resource many times! I will add the link below this video. So, summarizing: I circled back and forth to TSL during my search. But why, in the end, did I decide to stick with TSL and not with other sources?


I had mentioned the book “The Unveiled Mysteries” in my very first video on this channel. There is a second book written by the same author, Guy Ballard, called the “The Magic Presence,” which I also read in the beginning of my journey. The book would not always say things I liked but I felt that its teaching was true. In “The Magic Presence” Saint Germain, one of the ascended masters, explains that everything that is psychic only distracts us from reaching our highest potential, which we accomplish with and through God only.

So, for example if you ever went to a fortune teller or did a psychic reading, you will know that some of the stuff they tell you might be true and some of the things they predict might even really happen! But even though part of you knows that other things they may tell you are simply not true or will never happen, you might still feel drawn to do more readings. My point is that the psychic world, such as psychic readings and other such fascinations, are quite tempting. Some become obsessed with readings or with following this or that psychic guru who professes attunement to higher spiritual realms and beings, when in fact these so-called gurus are communing—and dangerously so—with lower astral realms and beings. Some even turn their lives upside down to comply with what a psychic has “revealed” to them. There are people who do fixate on who the “dark haired guy” the fortune teller says you are going to marry! Obviously, not all psychic traps are so blatant. The attractions to the psychic are often subtle, but a common vibe with them is a kind of delicious fascination, and this fascination, often charged with human emotion, can sidetrack people into thinking they are on a true spiritual path.

And this is exactly what Saint Germain meant in his book, “The Magic Presence.” In the end, such psychic byways lead us nowhere but away from God and tragically away from our life mission.

The Summit Lighthouse is different. It was founded by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. TSL has been around for more than 60 years. These two were messengers for the ascended masters. The teachings they brought forth through dictations and lectures do not involve any psychism. As a matter of fact, TSL’s teachings actually recommend that we do NOT get involved in psychism, for the reasons just mentioned. They are amazing, high teachings that speak profoundly on topics such as of like cosmic law. Just to give you one example: I participated in one Summit Lighthouse course that was about alchemy. In this course it was explained HOW Jesus was able to walk on water… It all has to do with the principle of magnetism and other physical laws!


At one point I came in contact with some of the people who have been following the TSL teachings for decades. I spent lots of time asking honest questions receiving honest answers from them. They could not answer all of my questions, but their answers made sense. After some time, I ended up volunteering at their headquarters for a few months and I could see with my own eyes that this was definitely a place on earth where the ascended masters are tangible and where the ascended master students—whomever is studying and reading the ascended masters teachings considers himself to be a “student”—are honestly striving to do their best to live by the teachings of the ascended masters. That does not mean they are perfect, of course. But they do strive to improve in areas they know they need to work on.


One of the things that struck me most about TSL was that they offer an actual spiritual path, a specific roadmap to grow spiritually. These include practical spiritual tools and solutions to problems. This is something few of the other teachers I have studied did. For example, they teach how you can apply the violet flame. The violet flame is something you can invoke, a spiritual fire so to speak, when you are not feeling well or have a specific problem you want to work on, and also for world conditions. It can transmute unwanted energies in your being or in a situation. The violet flame really works. I have tested it over and over again and it is a life changer!


What I also liked about TSL is that they teach the core spiritual truths common to all true all religions. You can be a Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, Jew or be part of whatever religion exists and you can still study these teachings. They welcome everybody despite of their gender, race, or religion.


The knowledge that is available in the TSL teachings is just amazing.  The teachings describe in detail heavenly hierarchies, what ascended masters you can work with when you have specific issues, and how you can work directly with angels. They have teachings about the history of the world and teachings about karma and reincarnation. They basically have teachings on every single spiritual topic existing!


The game changer for my choice of The Summit Lighthouse is the relationship you learn to have with the ascended masters. Again, these are beings who were once human but have ascended and now reside in heavenly realms. They are like our older brothers who love us and remain connected to us to help us. They have only our best interests in mind. You learn how to properly write letters to them and connect with them on a very personal level. You learn how you can nurture relationships with ascended masters. It is just amazing!

This feels different from my days attending a traditional Christian church. Then I did experience God in very tangible ways and always knew that he was there, but now I feel like I have a couple of coaches and sponsors who work with me in whatever areas I need to. It is an amazing feeling to know a heavenly being actually has your back.


One thing that was amazing to me was the teaching about how at night our souls go to heavenly school rooms called “retreats” of the ascended masters and study there. I remember waking night after night with melodies in my head that I did not know. I actually searched for these melodies online but could not find them. I saved one of them by humming the melody into my phone, hoping to figure out one day what this meant. About six months later I attended a church service online and heard the melody! I asked another person what song it was. She said it was El Morya’s keynote, which is something like El Morya’s signature musical piece. It was Pomp and Circumstance from Edward Elgar. At that moment I knew I had been in a retreat with El Morya that night, and I felt so incredibly moved and grateful that I had found these teachings.


Last but not least there is a part of my reasoning that I will simply not be able to explain in words. It is a deep soul knowing that constantly draws me back to the source. What I’m saying is there was a reason, a deep inner knowledge, if you will, that drew me over a period of a year and a half over and over again to TSL. I just felt that this was my path to pursue.

So, if you are on your journey and can’t seem to find the truth or are still unsettled, and feel like you have not arrived yet, let me share what has worked for me so far—what I’ve learned, and it is this: Sheer logic won’t do the job. Following your feelings or just trusting your human intuitions alone won’t work either. Rather, it is all a question of combining all of the ways you can attune to truth. Most importantly, keep asking God to show you the truth and keep honestly looking for the truth. Ask for signs, ask for guidance, speak to people and keep on keeping on!

I hope you enjoyed this video series! Please leave me a comment below the video!

Have a beautiful day!

How Saint Germain Found Me in Sydney, Australia!

Hi everybody my name is Simone and today I would like to share with you my story of how Saint Germain found me…

I quit my job a couple of years ago because I didn’t feel fulfilled anymore. I did no

longer feel like I was in the right place. I felt like… I was looking for something but I didn’t know what I was looking for. I felt like I didn’t move towards my life’s purpose but actually away from it. So I knew I had to make changes – drastic changes – in my life and I did by quitting my job.

And I didn’t have an idea about what I was going to do. And I just started doing things that I liked, that I was interested in. So I started reading about nutrition, about health, I started meditating, I started doing yoga; I started all of these things that I had never done before and I started also reading books, which I would have never read before.

And just to give you a little bit background I grew up in a very religious family and I went to church a couple of times per week. I was very serious about my faith. I was praying; I believed in God and it was just, you know, actually – it was the most important thing in my life – and it still is. But I didn’t feel fulfilled anymore. I felt like my soul was craving for more.

And I remember exactly two years ago on May 28th, 2018 I was in Sydney, Australia and I came back from a grocery shopping trip and I saw the words ‘Happy Day’ on a house.

Immediately I had to think of the gospel (singing) ‘Oh Happy Day’, which I knew from a movie called ‘Sister Act’. So I decided to watch that movie the same day and when the closing credits were shown my eyes got stuck on the name ‘Germain’.

And I remember thinking: ‘Germain? What a weird name! That almost sounds like ‘German’!’ – and I’m German.

I went back to keep working on my laptop and I finished reading an article that I had started before watching the movie. And there it said: ‘Violet ray resonates with Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germain.’

WHAAAAAATTTT? Seriously? I just had read this name on the TV screen like minutes ago!

At that point I just knew I had to look into it. I had to look who this Saint Germain was.

So I did. I googled him on my phone and I read about him but I couldn’t find anything special about him except that he is an ascended master and I had read about such cosmic beings before. And in case you don’t know what an ascended master is: It is somebody that once embodied on earth and mastered life up until the point where he no longer has to reincarnate. Basically a saint who has gone to higher heavenly realms.

I set phone aside and I kept working on my laptop and after a couple of minutes I had to glance at my unlocked phone screen and I read the sentence:

‘Book claimed by Guy Ballard to have been dictated to him by Saint Germain’.

At that moment it just hit me and I knew I had to read this book. It is called ‘Unveiled Mysteries’ and Guy Ballard wrote it using the pen name ‘Godfré Ray King’. He writes about his experiences in the 1930s when he met Saint Germain and it is incredible because he starts the book with going on a hike and there in the middle of nowhere all of the sudden this man is standing in front of him! And you know, he writes down what he’s thinking at that moment and Saint Germain, who’s the man standing across from him, actually responds to his thoughts. He answers Guy’s questions that he has in his mind.

The book is just incredible! It just… It brings you into another world!

Saint Germain shows Guy that it is possible to read thoughts, that it is possible to levitate, it is possible to time-travel, and he actually takes him to a time – like thousands and thousands of years ago – to ancient civilizations and he shows him all the things that we human beings would consider impossible.

When I read this book… a part of my soul was just… mesmerized. I was just… I knew that everything was the truth written in this book. And from that day on everything changed. My life was put upside down – in a good way – and Saint Germain just showed me so, so many things that I always thought were never possible.

I feel differently; I think differently; I… my whole world view has changed and I just felt like I had to share this story with you because maybe you are at the point in your life as well where you feel stuck, where you feel like there is something missing in your life, where you feel like there is spirituality missing in your life. Or: You have the perfect life – you have everything you could imagine to have – but you’re not happy. Something is missing.

My recommendation to you is: Read this book. And start your journey. Start questioning. Start asking. Start speaking to God and start just opening up basically.

I would LOVE to hear your comments, questions, or feedback below the video.

Thank you so much for listening and have a glorious day!