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Violet Flame

The Summit Lighthouse – The Violet Flame Website Photo

The violet flame is for those who yearn to break out of their negative family patterns; to free themselves and others from the ups and downs of human emotions; to heal wounds of the body, mind, and heart; and finally shake off the karmic chains of the past.

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Online Violet Flame Decree Service (Moderate Pace)

Violet Flame Saturday Service from Bozeman, Montana

The Bozeman Community Teaching Center broadcasts a moderate violet flame decree service where you can:

Transform yourself and help change the world with visualizations, affirmations, mantras, music and devotional to moderately paced violet flame decrees. Discover the power of spiritual alchemy. Create positive change with the alchemy of the violet transmuting flame!

Every Saturday 8:00 – 10:00 AM Mountain Time (USA).

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The Ascended Masters 101

Members of the Chicago Teaching Centers

This channel is all about the teachings of the ascended masters as released through their messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Here we’ll chat about all things ascended masters – who they are, how they graduated from the school room of earth, and what they teach us today about how to follow in their footsteps to master time and space and (finally) reunite with God forever. It’s the real, individual path of sainthood, initiation, …

The Summit Lighthouse

The Summit Lighthouse YouTube Channel

The Summit Lighthouse® publishes the teachings of the ascended masters – those universal truths that are the foundation of the world’s major religions. Take this wisdom of the ascended masters and accelerate your personal mystical path. Attain union with God through the ascension.

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Light Flame

Light Flame YouTube Channel

This Channel is for those wanting visualizations for their decree work.

PORTUGUESE: Summit Lighthouse do Brasil

Summit do Brasil YouTube

Com matriz em Montana, EUA, a Summit Lighthouse do Brasil está instalada no país desde o final da década de 1980 e inaugurou sua primeira sede no Distrito Federal, em Brasília. Logo após, transferiu-se para Santos e em seguida no início dos anos 90 veio para capital de São Paulo. Agora, em 2011, a sede da Summit Lighthouse do Brasil mudou-se para Carrancas, em Minas Gerais.

Conta atualmente com membros e grupos de estudos nas mais diversas cidades e regiões brasileiras, oferecendo apoio espiritual e cursos regulares sobre os ensinamentos dos Mestres Ascensos da Grande Fraternidade Branca, uma ordem espiritual de santos do Ocidente e de adeptos do Oriente.

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SPANISH: Maestros Ascendidos – The Summit Lighthouse

The Summit Lighthouse Youtube - Maestros Ascendidos

Videos de The Summit Lighthouse en español.

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Chicago Teaching Center Sunday Service – Available Online!

Members of the Chicago Teaching Centers

If you are among those who keep an open mind and who are eager to learn new and scientific truths, keys that will unlock your full potential and free you from a sense of drudgery and frustration — if you are looking for a more effective means to help your family and friends and at the same time discover your inner Self — if you believe there is a purpose to life—that the spark was not intended to go out—then we invite you to visit us.

At the Chicago Community Teaching Center, there are spiritual seekers of many faiths. Our beliefs unify us in that we believe in the truths of many of the world’s major religions of East and West. For more than forty years, we have come together to study and practice their mystical paths.

Join us each Sunday online at or in person at 2404 Mayfair Avenue, Westchester, IL 60154


The Summit Lighthouse

The Summit Lighthouse Website

The Summit Lighthouse is a non-profit spiritual community dedicated to accelerating the soul’s reunion with God. From practical spirituality to the path of the ascension, we’ve been sharing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, as delivered by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, for over 60 years.

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Keepers of the Flame

Keepers of the Flame Website

The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity offers you a doorway into one of the active inner schools of the ascended masters today.

The Fraternity is the counterpart here below to the hierarchy of light Above, also known as the Great White Brotherhood. (The term “White” refers to the white light emanating from the ascended masters and not any race.)

As the Knight Commander of the Fraternity, “Saint Germain desires to personally sponsor its members in the guru-chela relationship and he uses the Fraternity and its lessons to do so.

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Summit University

Summit University Website

There is factual learning and then there is personal transformative learning. Summit University has been on the forefront of transformative learning since 1971. A truly unique experience, SU pairs academic studies and professional learning with mystical and metaphysical teachings. Students are given the tools to see beyond the affairs of this world into the deeper meanings behind them. They also receive key spiritual tools to transform themselves—underscoring SU’s belief that those who transform themselves transform the world. Summit University is the educational branch of The Summit Lighthouse.

FREE BOOK – Lessons of Light

The Secret Guardians free books

Get inspired with Patrick’s new novel, Lessons of Light taken from The Girl Who Walked into the Light, which reveals the behind-the-scenes spiritual path story hero Jian Byrne travels as she journeys through earthly realms past and present, as well as etheric and akashic worlds that were once far beyond her imagination.

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Our Divine Potential

Our Divine Potential Website

The mission of The Summit Lighthouse Virtual Group is to share the teachings of the Ascended Masters, as taught by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, with spiritual seekers who are looking for a path of self-transformation.

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Shambhala Temple of Light

Shambhala Temple of Light

A time comes in the life of every individual to ask: “Who am I, and Why am I here?”

The Ascended Masters gave us the following answer:  “You are on the spiritual path and the purpose of your soul’s evolution on earth is to grow in self-mastery, balance your karma, and fulfill your mission on earth so that you can return to the spiritual dimensions that are your real home.”

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Wholesome Balance

Members of the Chicago Teaching Centers

The wholesome balance website is a quick reference guide that will help you keep a happy and healthy balance between the many variables on this complex but awesome adventure of life on planet earth. It includes tips on diet, a holistic approach to physical and emotional health, relationships, education and practical spirituality for personal growth.

Hopefully it will help you towards obtaining your goal in this life, whether it be peace of mind, fame and success, fulfilling your mission in this life, self-actualization or as sublime as the ascension, or just to BE the best you can BE! The bottom line is:


Life is what you make it, in this totally amazing universe!
And to make it our best, we need balance.