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What are other people’s experiences with the violet flame? Read their inspiring stories below.
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I am very grateful to everyone who shared with me their testimonials about the miracle power of the violet flame!

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Violet Flame Testimony
By John R. Sedivy

The violet flame has been called the miracle flame, and this is by no means an exaggeration. The violet flame is highly effective and useful for bringing about rapid, meaningful and lasting changes within oneself and their environment.

The violet flame is a spiritual, non-physical flame, however, it brings about definite changes in physicality. I’ve used the violet flame in a wide range of circumstances – to enact healing within myself and others, for conflict resolution, the purification of the environment and even the refinement of machinery that was misaligned and unusually noisy. I have also found the violet flame to be highly effective in enacting calm – within myself, animals (both domesticated and in nature) and within others.

In each instance, the desired result was swift and impactful. I will briefly elaborate on these experiences.

Healing: The healing properties of the violet flame are more or less automatic, especially when one builds a daily rhythm and momentum of calling upon it. However, for those just starting out, or with a definite need, directing the action of the violet flame through a combination of detailed calls and visualization will prove useful and will amplify and concentrate the results. I have used the violet flame to heal items ranging from subtle uneasiness to intense pain within the physical body, both for myself and others.

Conflict Resolution: Just as one can use the violet flame to heal ailments and pain within the physical body, the violet flame is equally useful for addressing nonphysical dis-ease such as conflict. Here again, one may simply visualize the situation and direct the action of the violet flame towards a harmonious resolution. In this instance the conflict, or inharmonious relationship, may be viewed as an entity in and of itself requiring healing and transmutation through the action of the violet flame. As with the example of physical healing, relationships tend to become automatically harmonious once one has generated a regular rhythm and momentum with the violet flame.

Environmental Purification: The violet flame is also useful for purification of the environment. For the purposes of this discussion the environment may be considered individual personal space, the area surrounding one’s home, environments far removed, or even the environment in general. When invoking the violet flame I have experienced that individuals within physical proximity of the violet flame action will feel an impulse to clean or tidy their immediate areas. There is also a sense of calm that permeates the area. In this instance, the violet flame removes any discord or impurity from the environment in which it is called into action – this could be dirt, general untidiness, or even argumentative or grumpy personalities. As with the previous examples, these tend to fix, or right themselves.

Machinery: A seemingly unusual and incredible application of the violet flame is the alignment and quieting of machinery. The purifying qualities of the violet flame not only work with biological and relationship aspects, but are equally effective in the world of machinery and technology. One may think of the violet flame as removing noise or discord from the equipment upon which the action is directed. I will touch upon a few examples from my personal experience.

In one instance there was a local mail truck that had a loud rattle. I would hear it every morning for months. One day, I had heard the noisy, disruptive, metallic noise and had wondered to myself if the violet flame could resolve this annoyance. So, I promptly called to the violet flame, and sure enough the rattle had stopped and hasn’t returned since. Simple as that.

Since that time I have used the violet flame to address any sort of disharmonious regularly occurring noise or anything out of alignment – another example was a neighbor’s lawn mower that was loud and had an abrasive sound – after invoking the violet flame the same lawn mower runs smoothly and quietly. Beyond these examples, I have also used the violet flame to address mechanical challenges such as items that are stuck in place that won’t budge and even computer and printer glitches and malfunctions.

Inducing Calm: As previously described the violet flame is perfect for removing discord and bringing about a sense of calm. I’ve used the violet flame to quiet barking dogs and even to restore harmony with my household cats who may become a bit aggressive at times. As with the previous examples, upon building a regular rhythm and momentum with the violet flame, animals in one’s presence will typically remain calm, and even be drawn to them.

These are just a few examples from my own personal experience. I encourage readers to experiment for themselves. It’s really a fun and fascinating experience.

Anyone can invoke the violet flame as it’s a quick and easy process. However, the effects are cumulative. For best results, it’s useful to build a momentum with the violet flame by calling upon it daily for a set amount of time, for example, 15 minutes each day. Not only will this bring about the desired change, it serves as an accelerant of sorts by speeding up the events in one’s life, and thereby expediting the potential to resolve karma. The regular use of the violet flame also creates a magnetic field of sorts, which has the potential to attract positive people, events and circumstances, while repelling the negative.

For those interested in experiencing the miracle of the violet flame for themselves, I highly recommend the text Saint Germain: Mystery of the Violet Flame by Elizabeth Clare Prophet (see Resources) as a good starting point. This text is also valuable for experienced practitioners, as the energetics underlying this book are potent and have the potential to bring about meaningful transformation.

Victory in the Ukraine!
A Personal Testimony
By Valerie McBride

I’d like to give witness to a miracle that occurred in 2010 while our team was visiting the Ukraine in August. We were with by our dear Russian and Ukrainian friends to present a one-week Summit University course.

Upon arrival, we were told that there had been no rain for over 90 days throughout much of Russia and the Ukraine. In fact, Russia has been experiencing one of the worst heat waves in recorded history with daily temperatures ranging above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To add to the seriousness of the heat wave, fires raged over 20 percent of the country producing tremendous quantities of smoke and toxic air throughout the cities. Fires also threatened Chernobyl, the site of the catastrophic nuclear reactor disaster that left a vast region toxic and uninhabitable to this day, 20 years later.

With the possible threat of a radioactive cloud erupting form the contaminated soil around Chernobyl due to the proximity of the fires, our Russian brothers and sisters went to work with strong decree sessions, making it their mission to work with the elementals. Along with a concerted prayer and decree action from around the world, the winds of the Holy Spirit picked up and brought a mighty clearing action to many cities, including Moscow where the toxic smoke was blown out and the cities received a reprieve from the intense heat.

Our greatest testimony of faith was immediately after a decree session. All of the sudden a crackle of thunder exploded outside. Then the heavens opened up and the first rain after over 90 days of drought descended over the area. Our Russian friends were moved beyond belief as they witnessed not only the thunder and rain outside after the prolonged drought, but also water pouring in directly over the altar and dripping down over the sides of the altar. Not only did God give us water outside, but the inside of the facility was “baptized” from the downpour!  It was really quite a sight to behold.

As promptly as the rain began with the start of the song, so did it end as soon as the song finished.

One local passerby stopped one of our members as he was coming out of the facility and asked him how the water got there and where it came from. Apparently, there was no rain in the other parts of the town where the passerby had just walked through. There was no rain in the forecast that day nor was it reported on the news.

In this case, I believe it was the concerted action of decrees worldwide with the fiery fervor of our Russian and Ukrainian friends that surely moved the heavens.

I wanted to share this powerful testimonial with you that you can never underestimate how the Ascended Masters can work to relieve the burdens upon our elementals (nature spirits).

Wherever you are on this planet and as we are confronted with challenging astrology that indicates the potential for shifting world conditions, let’s not forget the powerful intercession of the masters in response to the invocation of the violet flame.

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