The Violet Flame: A Spiritual Superweapon!


Violet flameImagine an energy that has the power to resolve your karma and completely transform your life!

It’s hard to believe this kind of energy could really exist. And yet, it does. It is called the violet flame—and you can learn how to draw it down from heaven for yourself and for all who are in need of constructive change.

So, read on to discover what this miracle energy is, where it came from, how it works, and how you can learn to wield it like a pro for balancing your karma.

What Is the Violet Flame?

To understand what the violet flame is, let’s start with a physics analogy.

When white light travels through a glass prism, it separates into seven different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Each of these colors corresponds to a different wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The diagram shows how the red color has long waves and a relatively “slow” vibration or frequency (the up-and-down movement of the wave). Violet, on the other hand, has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency in this spectrum. This makes it a much more “active” and penetrating light.

Octaves of Light

On a piano keyboard, the same octave or group of seven tones is repeated up and down the scale. Though the sounds are different, there is a correspondence that we experience as harmony. For instance, a C is a C all along the scale, whether it is a low C, middle C or high C. The same seven tones repeat themselves in ever higher frequencies until they pass out of human hearing.

The same is true of light. Our eyes can only see the spectrum of visible light—but electromagnetic waves don’t stop there just because we can’t see them.

Below red we find infrared (a lower-vibrating red that only certain animals such as snakes can see), and beyond violet there is ultraviolet light—a higher-vibrating violet that is present in the rays of the sun. (Sunburn, anyone?) Both of these color frequencies are measurable with scientific instruments, even if we can’t see them.

Scientists are familiar with higher-vibrating rays in the electromagnetic spectrum such as gamma rays and cosmic rays as well. All of these are still within the realm of physics.

The Seven Rays

The ascended masters teach that beyond the realm of physical manifestations, there are repetitive octaves of energy in what is known as the spiritual realm. Included in these are what are called the seven rays.

The colors of these rays are more etheric and purer than those of physical light. Each ray expresses different characteristics and attributes of the divine consciousness and radiates these attributes into the universe.

The colors of the seven rays and their spiritual qualities are:

    1. First ray: electric blue – divine power, will and protection
    2. Second ray: golden yellow – divine intelligence, wisdom and enlightenment
    3. Third ray: rose pink – divine love, compassion and creativity
    4. Fourth ray: pure white – divine purity, order, discipline and harmony
    5. Fifth ray: emerald green – divine vision, science, abundance and wholeness
    6. Sixth ray: deep purple – divine service, brotherhood and justice
    7. Seventh ray: translucent violet – divine mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation

As is the case with physical violet light, spiritual violet light has the highest frequency at the top of the spectrum of these seven colors. This lends it the unique properties that we call the miracle power of the violet light.

How a Ray Becomes a Flame

Spiritual rays are like cosmic rays: they can be found everywhere in space. They radiate out from spiritual sources and penetrate space and the objects in that space. In that sense, the seven rays nourish all life that they touch and infuse it with divine qualities. Think of this as a kind of perpetual spiritual background radiation.

However, it is possible to intensify a ray to the point where it burst into a spiritual flame at a specific point in time and space—just as we can use a magnifying glass to concentrate sunlight in one point and start an actual fire.

We do this by calling to spiritual beings such as archangels and ascended masters to send us an amplified portion of a spiritual ray. In answer to our call, they release a more than ordinary portion of that light energy.

Through the focus of our attention and our visualizations—our own magnifying glass, if you will—the amplified ray of spiritual light bursts into a spiritual flame that we can then use for ourselves and for whatever situations need a spiritual boost. This is how we can turn the violet ray into the miracle violet flame!

More about how to do this in a moment—but first, let’s introduce the ascended master who revealed to us the knowledge of the violet flame.

Saint Germain, the Master of the Violet Flame

Knowledge of the existence of the violet flame has been around for a long time—but it was a carefully guarded secret in the mystery schools of the adepts on this planet.

This all changed in the early 1930s, when the ascended master Saint Germain revealed the knowledge of the violet flame to mankind at large.

Saint Germain is a wondrous spiritual being who has a deep love for the people of this planet. You can read more about him here.

What is important to know about him when we talk about the violet flame, is that this great ascended being holds the office of Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius.

The Aquarian Age is also called the Seventh Age. It is meant to inaugurate a new golden age on earth under Saint Germain’s enlightened leadership—and as the name implies, the dominant spiritual energy in this age is the seventh ray or violet ray.

This is why Saint Germain brought the knowledge of the violet flame out into the open—so that as the new age is dawning, all can learn how to use this precious spiritual light for greater well-being and spiritual acceleration.

Violet Flame: A Catalyst for Freedom

Saint Germain is also known by two other titles. First, he holds the office of Chohan (Lord) of the Seventh Ray, meaning he is the one who is assigned to instruct us in everything related to mastering the seventh ray.

Secondly, he is fondly referred to as the God of Freedom for the earth. This, too, is related to his mastery of the violet flame.

As we have seen, the qualities of the violet flame are unique in the spectrum of the seven rays. They include mercy, forgiveness, alchemy, transmutation and freedom. Let’s look at these individually to find the common thread.


Mercy means that though there may be a legitimate reason for someone to experience an act of retribution or vengeance—a return of karma for a not-so-good act—the return current is suspended or even cancelled out. This gives the person another chance to do the right thing instead of the wrong thing.


Forgiveness is closely related to mercy, but it goes one step further. Forgiveness requires from us a conscious act of loving the soul of someone who has wronged us, so that we can let go of the hurt they caused us and no longer hold it against them.

If we are able to forgive, we liberate the person who wronged us from the energetic burden of our anger or resentment—and in the process, we liberate ourselves from that energy that could otherwise consume our thoughts and feelings and wreak havoc in our lives.

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that the karma of the offensive act has just disappeared. This karma still needs to be balanced. However, by forgiving the person we have cleared the way for them to work on balancing that karma without the added burden of our resentment that would continually recreate the record of the wrongful act.

Transmutation and Alchemy

Transmutation is a fancy word for changing something from one state of manifestation into another.

A simple physical example is changing a block of ice into water by melting it. Chemists speak about transmuting one element into another, such as changing uranium-238 into plutonium-239 through the absorption of an extra neutron in the atom.

In a spiritual sense, transmutation usually relates to changing something’s energy or vibration into a higher form. For instance, we can transmute a feeling of anger about something into a feeling of compassion or love for the person or situation.

The ancient science of alchemy is founded on the principle of transmutation. Material alchemists pursued the goal of changing base metals such as lead into pure gold. Spiritual alchemists understood that this process is symbolic of changing the base elements of our human consciousness into the gold of the higher, spiritualized consciousness.

Liberation and Freedom

If we compare these different actions of the violet flame, we see something special emerging: a new state of being and a new freedom to become something better than what we were before. Whether it is through extending mercy and forgiveness or through practicing alchemy and transmutation, we let go of an old pattern or matrix and make room for the new.

This liberating energy opens the door for new creation. And the creation of higher, better manifestations is the hallmark of the violet flame and the aquarian Age!

As Saint Germain once said:

“The secrets of alchemy are always to be found in the domain of creation. If man has not the power to create, he is not truly free.”[1]

How the Violet Flame Transmutes Karma

Shows planet earth enveloped in violet flameKarma is an old Sanskrit word that means act, word or deed.

The theory of karma says that everything we think, say or do leaves an energy footprint that can either be positive and constructive (good karma) or negative and destructive (bad karma). Karma is essentially the law of cause and effect, or in Biblical terms, reaping what you sowed.

This energy follows the law of the circle: we send it out into the world and at a certain point it returns to us to show us how well we have qualified our energy—for karma is essentially a teacher that helps us learn from our experiences and become better, more masterful human beings.

Good karma manifests as good, positive things that happen to us—such as robust health, abundance, a loving family, and supportive, fulfilling relationships.

Bad karma, on the other hand, pops up in our lives as challenges, difficulties and problems of all kinds, whether with money, relationships, jobs, health, etc.

We may not remember what caused our good or bad fortune—in fact, most of our karma dates back to previous lifetimes—but nevertheless, it has a major effect on our day-to-day experiences and the lessons we have to learn in this life.

Karmic Records

Since karma is based on energy use, it leaves an imprint on our beings that is called a karmic record.

For instance, say that in a past life you were a ruler who, through bad advice and poor decisions, started a war that caused tens of thousands of lives to be lost. That’s quite a record to clean up!

This karmic event may have happened ages ago and you have since moved on, but the record still remains, meaning you owe an unresolved karmic debt to many of these thousands of people.

The normal human way to balance karma is by serving life. In this example, you might be given an opportunity to return as a politician who must work hard to prevent war and thereby save many lives.

You might also have to interact with many of these victims of your past actions and bring them some form of comfort or compensation, such as raising some of them as your children, or caring for people through acts of philanthropy. You can imagine that if you’ve wronged lots of people, this can be a very tedious and exhausting process!

The violet flame, with its strong transmutative power, offers a shortcut to this long process of karma balancing. It’s not that you don’t have to work for it: You have to be willing to invoke the violet flame and direct it into these old records—but if you do, you’ll be amazed at how relatively quickly you’ll be able to work your way through these old records and karmic burdens that may have troubled you for a long time.

In the end, by diligent application, you can liberate yourself and those you have wronged by the use of the violet flame. So yes, the violet flame is a true spiritual superweapon!

Chakra Cleansing and Aura Cleansing with the Violet Flame

So where do karmic records reside?

Well, first of all, there is a general forcefield on this planet and beyond called akasha, where  karmic records are stored until they are transmuted.

You also carry your own imprint of these records in your chakras, your aura and your physical body.

Think of these karmic records as a low-vibrating, gooey substance that lodges in the wide-open spaces in your cells and atoms, and clogs up these open spaces. When this happens, your atoms are not as energetic as they could be, your cells become bogged down, your chakras don’t spin as fast as they should, and your aura becomes a mixture of pure and less pure vibrations.

Enter the violet flame!

When you invoke the violet flame, its high spiritual frequency allows it to penetrate these clogged-up spaces, transmute the old records bit by bit, and give your entire forcefield a positive, joyful spin.

So, if you’re looking for effective ways and techniques to cleanse your chakras and your aura of old karmic records and low-vibrating energy, use the violet flame to bathe them in the liberating violet light and be amazed at the new energy you will feel coursing through your body, your feelings and your mind.

How to Invoke the Violet Flame

The ascended masters have taught us that the best way to invoke the seven rays is through mantras, affirmation and spoken prayers, combined with strong visualizations.

Invoking the violet flame can be as simple as chanting this mantra given us by Saint Germain:

I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires! [2]

You can give it 3 times, 9 times or in multiples of 3 for as long as you like, until you feel the joy of the violet flame permeating your whole being.

Beyond this simple mantra, there’s a detailed science of how to invoke and direct violet flame into personal and planetary problems of all kinds. My videos will show you exactly how to do this, so make sure to visit my YouTube channel.

How to Amplify the Presence of the Violet Flame in Your Life

Apart from mantras and prayers, there are a number of other ways you can bring the violet flame into your life. Here are some that you can put into practice immediately.

Wear Violet Colors

One of the easiest ways to attract more violet fire is to wear violet clothing. This immediately puts you in a joyous violet-flame mood and makes you a magnet for the violet light. After all, like attracts like!

Tip: Do this particularly on Saturday, which is the day of the week that the light of the violet ray is intensified on this planet.

Gemstones for the Violet Ray

Another effective way to bring more violet flame into your life is to wear gemstones that act as repositories of the violet light. So, which stones should you wear or place in your sacred space?

First and foremost, there is the amethyst. Amethyst is the gemstone of the seventh ray. Worn on your person in a ring or pendant, it will act as a strong magnet for the violet flame to enter your aura.

Other gemstones that amplify the violet flame are aquamarine and diamond. But start by wearing an amethyst and feel the difference it makes in your forcefield.

Tip: If at all possible, wear an amethyst that is set in gold rather than in silver. Gold is related to the creative power of the sun that represents our higher consciousness. Silver is related to the reflected light of the moon and to the lower emotions. So, why take reflected light when you can have to real thing? Go for the gold!

Violet Flame Music

Since spiritual rays are a form of high-vibrating energy, they have internal patterns and rhythms that express their unique qualities. Here on earth, these patterns translate into musical beats that we can use to amplify their presence.

The inner rhythmic pattern of the violet flame is the 3/4 beat. This is the waltz beat, among others.

Listening and dancing to waltz music, with its upbeat 3/4 rhythm, brings an immediate sense of joy—because this type of music in particular releases the upward-spiraling energy of the violet flame into your world.

Tip: Not to go too deeply into this here, but in our modern world people generate many rhythms that have the opposite effect. In particular, the syncopated beat of rock music creates a downward spiral that prevents our energy from rising up through the chakras.

You may want to try an experiment: Spend a day or a week just listening to waltz music, and see how your entire energy and environment takes on a positive spin!

Read about Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

I’ve only shared the tip of the violet flame iceberg with you in this overview. For much more on Saint Germain and the violet flame, visit the Resources page.

Watch My Videos

Okay, I’ve saved the best for last. After all, this is a video channel! I have posted lots of videos about how to use the violet flame and related topics, and I am adding more great content regularly.

Whether you want to learn how to give violet flame prayers, engage in violet flame meditations or learn how to assist the elemental forces of nature by bathing them in violet flame, I’m sure you’ll find something that will interest you.

There’s an overview of my videos on the Videos page. Please check them out!


That’s it! I hope this article has given you a great overview of what the violet flame is and what it can do for you.

The violet flame truly is Saint Germain’s gift to us all—so may it become your spiritual superweapon just as it has become mine.

Have a great violet flame day!


[1] Saint Germain, Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, Chapter 2. Summit University Press.

[2] Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare prophet, The Science of the Spoken Word, Chapter 17. Summit University Press.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the violet flame, in a nutshell?

The violet flame is a high-vibrating spiritual energy that has the divine qualities of forgiveness, freedom, transmutation and change. It can be invoked to transmute karma and purify body, mind and soul.

Is the violet flame related to longevity or immortality?

You bet! Growing sick and old has a lot to do with karmic records that burden your cells and atoms and slow down your energy. When the violet flame begins to transmute this low-vibrating energy, this allows for new life to flow through your body and renew your energy. This is why Saint Germain has equated the violet flame with one of the secrets of the ancient alchemists: the elixir of life!

Is the violet flame the same as the purple flame?

The violet flame is sometimes called the purple flame. The reason is that within the violet flame there is a spectrum of shades of violet, ranging from a pale or rosy violet to a deep purple violet. These different shades of violet represent different qualities such as mercy, freedom and justice. All these different qualities are called into action when you invoke the violet flame.

What is violet flame meditation?

Woman meditating in Violet FlameA violet flame meditation is a guided meditation in which you visualize the violet flame performing different actions in your own forcefield or beyond. Meditating on the violet flame intensifies its action in your world.

For instance, you can meditate on the violet flame in your chakras, in one particular chakra or your aura, or you can visualize it around an organ or other part of your body that needs healing. You can also visualize intense violet flame in and around situations that need transmutation, such as over an entire neighborhood that has been affected by riots, or flooding a city that has been devastated by a hurricane or fire with the healing power of the violet flame.

Can you recommend some good violet flame music?

Try some of these classic waltzes by Johann Strauss: